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Margie I spy The Three Gossips! Odd to think I was just there a week ago. Well done and especially with your phone!

Magda Korzewska Exactly I had the same feeling going through Monument Valley. Well tomorrow we are heading to Salt Lake City. It is worth to retour to lake before take off to LA? We need slowly day, nothing difficult as this is already 4-5 h of driving. Your advice very welcome :)

Margie It is really interesting and at sunset was beautiful with good weather and clouds. Almost deserted on Antelope Island and got to see buffalo up close The bugs are an issue. I was totally covered from head to toe (44 degrees) and got eight bites on my forehead under the brim of my cap. You can't stand still. It is unique but the feeling you got at Death Valley might be similar though this is not desert. Sometimes on a major trip like you are doing, less is more. SLC is set at the foot of snow covered Wasatch Mountains which are very pretty. If time permits, the Getty Museum in LA is well worth the time for its architecture and views.

Magda Korzewska Thanks for advice. I think we skip it. There will be more 4 intense day. Have a great Mother's day!

Margie You may be able to catch some view of the lake from you plane.

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