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maggaglen Wow!! przepiękna:)

Bruce Dziękuję, maggaglen :-)

m sky Love it!

Bruce Thank you M! :-) :-)

Etherliana Wow!
Beautiful portret❤

Bruce Dziękuję Etherliana :-)

KasiaM Ha ha :D I have similar face expressions every morning (until drink first coffee :) gorgeous!

Bruce I have the same expression before and after coffee :-)

KasiaM Supposedly, “eyes show the strength of your soul” :) :)

NatZ Awesome! Such a great shot!

Bruce Merci beaucoup NatZ :-) I was really close to the owl :-)

Karolina Mach Wow great pic! :)

Bruce Dziękuję Karolina :-)

Satoshi T Strong gaze!👀

Bruce Very! They have such expressive eyes :-)

Lesley Excellent shot, Bruce!

Bruce Thanks Lesley! :-)

Roman Czarny Great pic

Bruce Thank you Roman! :-)

myno So serious. ..and so nice!

Bruce There were actually two of them; their markings are beautiful :-)

val Great!!! Looks very serious!

Bruce If owl's could talk, she's probably saying "Are you KIDDING me?

v agnès ... really?

Bruce Really. :-)

Weronika Piękna 😀

Bruce Dziękuję, Weronika :-)

trudka It's hard to me to believe it :-) :-) This photo is great :-)

Bruce I have a lot of others but can only post 1 :-) Thanks, trudka! :-)

craig Excellent! I do like Eagle Owls!

Bruce They are my favorite owl now :-). But the Northern Pygmy owls are second :-). Actually I like all owls :-)

eventide "You talkin' to me?" :D Is she visiting your "bird restaurant" every morning? ;)
Amazing shot!

Bruce I wish! She belongs to a bird educator who takes her to schools and other groups. They are awesome birds! :-)

Ingrid Smeets Great picture, love it !!

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Bruce Thanks Beata :-) :-)

Bruce Thank you Robert! :-)

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Bruce Wielkie dzięki za miły komentarz Paulina :-)

Comment was deleted

Bruce Thanks so much Pauline! 😊😊

dkow Świetne ;)

Bruce Dziękuję, dkow 😊😊

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