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Aww! (Eww...)

I did a family photo shoot in the park. At the end, we were looking for something “different”, or “fun”, or both. Raise your hand if you believe the kids spying on their parents in the background are random. There was a tree growing in between the couple’s faces, I didn’t like it, so it’s not there anymore. I wonder if I will ever get to the point where I notice the visual clutter while shooting, not after. Sometimes, clutter is unavoidable. This was not such time. This park gets so busy in the fall photographers have to clone each other out of their shots. Everyone wants a nice looking Christmas card, and we don’t have many Kodak picture spots around here.

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  • Roman Czarny

    Całkiem fajne zdjęcie

    Co zrobiłbym inaczej

    Centralne postaci z pierwszego planu w prawo jak gdyby nieco na uboczu sceny z tła to zmieniło by sposób postrzegania tego ujęcia

    Nieostre postacie tła nakierowałyby widza na scenę główną 😉

  • jokele

    The unsharp kids in the background is a nice idea. Maybe less space to right, for me it looks a bit unbalanced. There is too much optical weight on the left side of the image. The almost sharp grass on the left side distracts from the view.

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