Ian Prince Loch Ness monster!

vera Funny! I like this, it's a little bit... crazy! a swimming banana!

Roman Czarny Loch Ness banana :-)
Fantastic idea

czareker Great idea, and excellent execution IMO

Jesse Lind Where did you get that backdrop? I love it!

Paweł Kadysz This is just a big sheet of blue paper, available at any stationer's. You should be able to get it for around $1-$1.50 per A0 sheet. At least that's how much it costs in Poland.

Jesse Lind Oh ok, Thanks a lot :)

Marcin Przekosmiczne, przeszedłeś samego siebie w pomysłach :D

Kuba Urbański This is so genius! :D

Margie I like photos that give me an immediate chuckle and yours did! Nice lighting which is a skill I haven't learned yet! I remain hopeful

My Confetti Moon Lol & so creative

Rohini fantastic idea and pic

sarabembenek świenty pomysł, świetne wykonanie i przede wszystkim świetny efekt :)

Ron Dadoo so so gooood !

Lauren Huston This is awesome :)

Satoshi T Wow Brawo!

Matias Chahbenderian Love this series of photos really awesome stuff!!

Andrzej Jasiński genius!!!

Carla Rewelacja!

Nacho Guevara Amazing

Piecka Nice color play and so creative.

sallartiste Belle inspiration

Jakub Szymański Great one! I'll try to do it one day! (love Loch Ness monster!)

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