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Marta Congratulations on finishing the first 365 days of your wonderful and inspiring project!😊 Good luck and lots of ideas for the next!

NatZ I'm so glad to read your kind words. I'm happy to share my photos with people like you! :)

Bruce Yay! Well done! It's hard to believe an entire year has gone by, but it was great to watch you learn and grow as a photographer. Your images have great originality and creativity - and hopefully the journey never ends :-) Congrats!! :-)

NatZ Thank you so much Bruce! Looking back, 365 days have gone so fast. I feel like today is a new start. The more you learn, the more you realise how many things (not only techniques) you have to learn and improve. Try to change the way of looking at things, try to think differently.
Thanks a lot for your support through the project :)

Bruce Je vous en prie. J'ai su dès le premier jour que tu pouvais le faire :-).

Comment was deleted

NatZ Thank you so much for your comment. I'm so happy you see that in my photos. I'll try my best to go on and improve. Dzięki!!

Weronika Congratulations 👏

NatZ Thank you Weronika :)

maggaglen Congratulations ❤️❤️

NatZ Dziękuję bardzo. Dziękuję za miłe komentarze od początku mojej przygody

marek You did it! Great !!

NatZ Yep! :D Thanks a lot!!

NatZ Ohhhh vous ici! Quel plaisir de recevoir ce commentaire de ta part. It made my day! :D

Kateli Congratulations super Natz !! I've loved following you and seeing your brilliant creative photos !! Looking forward to seeing more ! xxx

NatZ Thank you sooo much Kateli! I started on Tookapic thank to you and I’m so glad to be part of this. I wasn’t sure to make it, but see, I can’t stop now 😜

Kateli Hi hi !! You're addicted too !! So happy for you !! Big hugs xxx

Monika Fabcia Congratulations!!

NatZ Thanks a lot!

Michel Neufeld Bravo NatZ for this performance ! This 365th pic is splendid !

NatZ Thank you so much Michel! Et merci for the 365th! 😊

aparatka Congratulations!!

NatZ Thank you!!!😊

Zenon Drobiński Congratulations! Super project 👏

NatZ Thank you so much! :)

Vincent Congratulations !!!! What a great project you've done ! I'm happy to continue to Watch your next photos :D

NatZ Merci beaucoup Vincent!! 😄 That’s very kind!!

jokele To Be Continued... :-) My congrats!

NatZ Thanks a lot!!! 😊😊😊

Satoshi T Congratulations @NatZ 😊!!

NatZ Thank you @Satoshi 😊😊

val congratulations for your work!

NatZ Thank you Val 😃

eventide Late, but sincere congratulations on ending your 365 project for the first time! I wish you much more anniversaries like that, with better and better photos (like if they weren't fantastic now...)!

NatZ Thank you so much!! I appreciate a lot your kind words!

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