Paweł Kadysz I literally said „wow” out loud when I saw this photo. This made me want to bring back „featured” section.

Magda Ko good to hear my photo impressed you, so happy :) BTW "featured" section was one of the coolest galleries IMHO, do not hesitate to make it alive again.

Jan Pinkosz Great shot! 👌

Magda Ko thank you Jan, so nice to hear from you

Konrad Stunning 😮

Magda Ko thnx Konrad, so happy you like it

Daniel Borth WOW !!! Amazing !

Magda Ko Yes, it was, good I managed to photograph it, thanks for your nice comment.

Rafal Laczynski Super! ☆ 👏👏👏

Magda Ko dzięki Rafał <3 dalej budują

Artur Łobocki Cudeńko!!! ☆

Magda Ko wielkie dzięki Artur <3

Satoshi T Great expression of Glass City!

Magda Ko thnx Satoshi, happy you like it

120mr So clear colours, great!

Magda Ko we had perfect weather and they keep the city clean. I got also nice pic of alpinist cleaning windows.

Dana Lightman Gorgeous.

Magda Ko thanks a lot Dana

Margie Fantastic! Love the architecture, the glass, and the color. *

Magda Ko i am happy to hear so nice feedback, very much appreciagted Margie

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