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tigg I now the answer to my question: GR III. I have the GR I - had it ages I must say.

jokele Yep, it's the GR III. I started really fast do love this little thing.

tigg It is probably very different to the GR I. The two things I have not 'mastered' - bearing in mind it is not my main camera - is moving the focus point and manual focusing. Actually both of these things stop me using it as much as I might. Any thoughts or tips?

jokele The GR III has a touch screen now, which is quite handy to set the focus point. The manual focusing is a bit fiddly. Actually the GR isn't my main camera as well, so I use my "bigger" system, if I'm going to focus manually. The snap focus works very well, especially for street photography, maybe that helps.

tigg Yes it does work well - and easily changed. Lots of great little features! Maybe worth looking to upgrade ....

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