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azral cool idea, you made me laugh as usual ;)

Satoshi T Thank you @azral I'm glad to hear it ;)

craig What a cool shot!

Satoshi T Thank you Craig!

Paul David Price Making me hungry!

Satoshi T Thank you @paul , If you eat, be careful. One strange has mixed ;)

Hanna Gawrychowska Beautiful plate, beautiful colours, cool idea = great photo

Satoshi T Thank you Hanna, I love this plate of Wedgwood because part of turquoise blue is unevenness since it is not printed but hand-painted.

Jennifer Faye You're so creative!

Steve Karg LOL! Very clever!

Satoshi T Thank you @Steve , you used to use this type of Exposure meter?

Steve Karg I used to use a hand held exposure meter with film many years ago, but no longer have that meter. I now use either rule-of-thumb or through-the-lens exposure settings, and adjust based on immediate feedback of LCD screen. I do have a digital light meter for measuring Lumens when calibrating lighting control devices that I develop.

Satoshi T It is a calibration tool rather than a shooting tool in modern times. Thank you @Steve :)

Kirsten Hmmm, I think you like Oreo :)

Satoshi T Yeah! I like them very much @Kirsten !

Cicérøn & Jamie D. Carrey ah ah ah Not seen at once exposure meter ! very nice and very funny

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Cicérøn ! you gave me this Idea ! røund, circle and Expøsuremeter!

My Confetti Moon So fun & creative! Awesome color

Satoshi T Thank you @My ! when I eat OREO, I reminded rust of my old Exposure Meter :)

rafu OMG! OREO! My daughters say they LOVE it ;-)

Satoshi T Tell your daughters, Kocham OREO bardzo! ;)

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