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Magda G I don't know how to express it differently than saying that your pictures make me "stop" for a moment. Thank you for your project, Daniel!

Daniel Zaleski Hey Magda, thank you so much for your kind words. It is really encouraging!!! Right now I finish my color negative and my camera somehow starts to make some problems so I really look forward to seeing how this negative will turn out :). On a sidenote, I recommend other photographers to start their 365 project based on my personal experience - I really like to return to the photos I took within my first (digital) project and think that some photos are really good. The fact 1) I had camera with me (because I knew I have to take a photo every day) + 2) I intentionally tried to take photo each and every day (though I have failed many times) = I took photos I would not have taken otherwise. Once again thank you for your encouregement!

Magda G I totally agree with you on the sidenote. It is hard to come up with an interesting picture every day. But.. Having said that, a lot of my favourite pictures come from my project on Tookapic. Plus I love the community aspect. The "we're in it together" part.
Looking forward to seeing the photos from the color roll!