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Satoshi T @Jennifer I was in mind your opinion, I took care of the exposure and saturation.

Jennifer Ahh, I see that! This looks like a lovely place for sure ^.^ I'm glad you got some time to explore the park and take a deep breath.

My Confetti Moon Pretty setting :)

Rohini Your pic fits the theme so perfectly. The setting is so serene and beautiful. Loved the cherry tree you have captured in the corner.

sarabembenek beautiful spring in the picture :)

NitaR Very beautiful. Great composition!

Grzegorz Wojtasik Beautiful photo!

Roman Czarny fantastic secret garden (a little spoiled my mood this building in the upper right corner - why not remove it in PS)

Satoshi T Basically, I am not put out in the post-processing what had once photographed. because in order to carefully at the time of shooting. This time ,I have to more care for edge of pic and I need to move right and pan left a little bit :) Thank you Roman for your point out. :)

Satoshi T Thank you @Roman , after a long time, I changed my thinking. if I took now, I remove right side building.

Lauren Huston The blossoms are lovely Satoshi. Here I am excited about my autumn colours and now you've made me want to see spring. :)
My only feedback might be that the two right corners are a little too white - for me it fades the blossoms into the sky/reflections a bit. Otherwise it is a great shot, and very suited to the weekly theme. :)

Satoshi T Handling brightness of cloudy sky and "right corner" is my homework. Thank you Lauren for your feedback, I enjoy your Autumn pics!

Gabriela Jaworowska Bajkowo, baśniowo, cudnie...

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