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Tell Your Story, the Unfiltered and Human Way

Tookapic is a 365-day photo-sharing platform that encourages you to not only remember the extraordinary days, but to also give thanks to the beautiful, ordinary days in between.

Day 987
Riverside Express
The expressway past the CBD, with plenty of offramps.
Day 878
I spent pretty nice day with my friend. We visited Przemyśl. I love it! I don't love driving there but city is lovely. I'll have to go there agai...
Day 1,387
Island in the mist
Day 1,689
Well, it looks like we did it. The #sail is up. Now we're waiting for the whole sundeck to fly away one day.
Day 1,016
- Architects - Royal Beggars - https://youtu.be/-O5fkP3fSX0
Day 854
Tadeusz Rolke is 90 years old!
Day 1,238
Day 875
Koniec tygodnia czas na budowę
Swoją drogą świetne piwo 8/10
Day 1,047
Day 873
Fog rushing in covering the ugly
Day 835
Day 445
Les Salèves
Day 1,225
drops , drops, drops
in my #garden #droplets #drops #green #plant #leaf #nature
Day 729
Strawberry cake
Day 1,604
hello... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQHsXMglC9A
Day 770
#passerby #charlie-chaplin
Day 510
Tam mi się humor poprawia...
Day 644
Sydney Skyline And Harbour Bridge
Day 495
czerwona słodycz
#theme-sweet #fruits #strawberries
Day 97
After the lesson at the Profesor @brians_song 🤗
Day 98
Droite ou Gauche ? W prawo lub w lewo.
Droite ou Gauche ? W prawo lub w lewo. Droite ou Gauche. Il faut parfois choisir. Right or left. Sometimes you have to choose.
Day 137
Day 873
Don't wake the sleeping cat
My son's photo for today
Day 1,383
#3031 | Zukunft