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Courtyard by Marriott Gdynia Waterfront

8 photos
Day 704
Curves #2
So good to find 5 minutes before work to take photo. This is my second contribution to WF, same places different approach https://tookapic.c...
Day 673
My boy
My boy is in the town. We spent 6 hours in the cinema watching Polish movies during Film Festival. All 3 we saw were so good. Polish cinematogr...
Day 1,116
She said yes!
It's a first, big milestone in my life. Everything went according to plan :) She really didn't expected that. Yesterday she knew that we...
Day 1,355
Looking-up waterfront
this weekly theme is my cup of tea. #glass-reflections #looking-up #theme-sky-slices #reflections
Day 1,461
architecture and people
my favorite combination #tiny-people-and-architecture
Day 1,216
I took a few decent frames today, need to upload somewhere the rest of it.
Day 1,886
Such warm evening and great walk.
Day 1,911
New marina
Just before rain