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Day 34
Day 33
Rainy day
It was raining all day long.
Day 32
Day 29
After work
Finally, the work is over. We have national holidays today (Liberation Day), so the week ended sooner than usually, resulting in this ↑.
Day 28
Day 25
Říp a řepka
Day 21
Spring 2020
Day 23
Living Gimbal
Day 20
Quarantine Passage
We finally went out for a while. To a passage, as well :)
Day 19
Pandemic, 11:58 AM
Day 395
Charle's Bridge at sunrise
Project 365, Roll 01, Day 022 The last day of my stay in Prague. I decided to go out even though I did not have enough slee...
Day 394
Hotel staircase
Project 365, Roll 01, Day 021 Training day 3 - as we spent the whole days closed in the hotel, I had to think how to use the coffee br...
Day 393
Late night in a pub
Project 365, Roll 01, Day 020 Second day of our training was really tough - we ended 9.30PM. And went for a beer in a nearby pub....
Day 392
Prague by night
Project 365, Roll 01, Day 019 I have attended a 3-day training on scenario based business strategy creation in Prague at the end of Ja...
Day 17
Sunday 3/14: π and swim day
A tough guy.
Day 16
No spring here yet
It will hopefully come soon.
Day 15
The Last Beer
Starting today, all pubs in the Czech Republic close at 8 pm. #theme-see-through #beer #monochromatic #glass #drink
Day 8
Twin Peaks
Such fake. Much double. Many towers. Wow Affinity Photo.
Day 14
Found him!
The first wood pigeon of this year! 🎉 See the video at
Day 13
Is the world still on?
Oh yeah, it is. No need to panic. Please.
Day 9
One of the photos from a short walk around Prague Castle with my daughter (not the one on the shot).
Day 12
Prague Ends Here
We went for a short walk to the nearby forest, expecting to see more wood pigeons, but it looks winter hasn't given up just yet: mud,...
Day 10
The first 🐌 of the year
Every year we impatiently expect first signs of upcoming spring: snowdrops, wood pigeons – and snails. #snail #afterrain #afte...
Day 703