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Artist, magician, improvisator, life enthusiast. Studying cognitive science. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me, trying to capture important moments in my life
#3 101/365
11 streak
Day 831
readin' in new home
yesterday Mon unpacked herself and today we had some rest, did some cleaning, read some books simultaneously and in the evening we...
Day 830
last dinner in this flat ;_;
today we had our last whiles in Moniks flat, she's moving to mine we had some good time, packed rest of her stuff, met a...
Day 829
cute af :3
I woke up early and went to Cracow with my parents the therapy session was resultful, I covered many important topics including the mention...
Day 828
turning around
- woke up late - shaved and washed myself - ate lunch - finally went to todays tasks, did lots - in the evening watched Krzysztof M Maj...
Day 827
after yesterdays men's circle we had lots of sleep, some Mon's mental breakdown and some talks, I came back home and had some good time playi...
Day 826
one step further towards becoming a catboi
in the morning Momik came with her stuff, we took a table out of the basement and did some other stuff Mon...
Day 825
linguistic bicycles
today guests came to us I shaved and washed myself and went to Cracow to meet with Łukasz and his boyfriend Bartek, we were riding...
Day 824
sleepy day
Mon is sick, at night she felt really bad :c we slept for really long, then ate some dinner and slept even longer (overslept almost whole d...
Day 823
today I went to university to finish my Dean's leave process, then we went to my home with plenty of Mons bags and I also finished the scholarshi...
Day 822
in the bath
- got really angry today because of health clinic and mr Oak absence in university - had a nice time in So!Coffe doing stuff - the therapy...
Day 821
got da perfect shave
finally I used tips I found on youtube and shaved myself using hot tovel, cosmetics I bought lately and proper technique effect?...
Day 820
climate for generations
today I went to a printing house and sent a package, then I was working on my scholarship and everything, ate two Chinese soup...
Day 819
ur not alone!
in the morning we went to Cracow, Mon went to her doc and I to mine, then we missed three buses in a row (!), went to drugstore to buy s...
Day 818
Mon created this monster late evening of yesterday (around 1 a.m.) it's awkward but made me laugh for really long :D I slept for long and did al...
Day 817
time to get tested!
after therapy session I bought a pool ball, went to Mon, we went to the optician and get tested for STDs (it's important to check...
Day 816
go to vet
I went to the vet todays evening, then went back home chilled a bit in the morning
Day 815
on the edge
I've been mowing the lawn all day, made some progress with cups and balls and my notes too and I also relaxed a bit playing computer game...
Day 814
blue blue sky
in the morning Jasiek went back home I bought a game - Spec Ops: The Line and it's great (even though it's over 10 years old) I also fin...
Day 813
a beetle
today we went to Niepołomice, had a lunch, ice cream and a long walk in the Niepołomice Forest; after that we went to Cracow, had bubble tea...
Day 812
today we had a sleepy morning, then we did some pasta and went by foot to Janosik bar but it was closed so we went to Cracow, ate two dinner...
Day 811
sunset going shopping
today Jasiek came (I finally cleaned my room for his arrival) and we had some good time, in the evening we went for some product...
Day 810
chilling with Basia
today I woke up, did with workaway finally and went to Cracow to meet with Basia - she came for few days we had a long walk, bough...
Day 809
the funeral
today me and mom went to funeral of mr Stanisław I was trigerred by the priest and people's thoughtlessness :c after the funeral we stayed...
Day 808
slept for sooo long
today Monik went to work and I stayed at her place to sleep longer and clean the flat - it turned out that I only was sleeping XD...