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Artist, magician, improvisator, life enthusiast. Studying cognitive science. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me, trying to capture important moments in my life
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Day 694
definitely ill
it was a really hard day, yesterday's symptoms persisted for a large part of the day in the evening I took ibuprofen and felt a little...
Day 693
the last job
okay so this was my last job in Pyszne - in the end of the month Im gonna terminate the contract - more time for me but less money too I...
Day 692
today I went to swimming pool, then to Cytat Cafe, had some time for myself, then met with Pola (it was a really nice meet) and in the evening I...
Day 691
got a haircut finally
I got a haircut before work started my job in Nowa Huta, ended up in Łagiewniki, this was a really bad workday :/
Day 690
today I was preparing the presentation about fake news with Sylwek after lectures I made a 5h programming marathon, quni joined me and he d...
Day 689
soo I overslept the first lecture (but I did the quiz later), then there was a hci organization lecture and after that I went to work came...
Day 688
had a walk
I was watching Rick and Morty a lot, learning together with Mon and recovering in the evening I called Ludi, she is in Ireland on Erasmus+...
Day 687
started to learn
the session is coming, today I started to learn together with Mon otherwise I was preparing a presentation with Sylwek, reading about...
Day 686
look! Kropka is lying here!
finished the "Foundation", finished configuring the password manager and watched some Rick & Morty episodes
Day 685
today I watched two webinars about web security and configured my U2F key & password manager :)
Day 684
wtf wher I went
soo I went to work and got an order from the city centre - I wrote to dispo and they said I have to do it; spent 5 hours in the centre...
Day 683
today I had some lectures and worked on fake news presentation with Julcia and Sylwek ehhh I need some rest soon
Day 682
first snow!
snow has fallen :o today I was reading a science article with Julcia and Sylwek too and recovering a bit
Day 681
chest debt
in the morning I went with mom to the swimming pool - was okay but I would like to change it after I came home I was reading a science arti...
Day 680
finally signed int for rehabilitation
after lectures I went to work and after work I went to rehabilitation clinic to sign in for rehabilitation I cam...
Day 679
late Thursday
I woke up late, had lectures, on programming lecture we started to write discord bot, it even works already! the book "traps of thinking...
Day 678
botanical garden!
so after lecture and swimming pool i went to a rehabilitation clinic (but haven't done the job) then went to botanical garden with K...
Day 677
nothing special today, just Farcik on my desk
Day 676
at noon I had a little walk around my house, found some nice frames after lectures I went to work and found out an extraordinary project in Nowa Huta
Day 675
happy birthday!
Monik had birthday today ^^ we had some good time, chilling, playing with a cat and watching "Apollonia" spectacle and "Silence of the...
Day 674
let me in!
in the afternoon Monik came to me :) we tried something brand new today :o in the evening we watched "Wszyscy jesteśmy Chrystusami"
Day 673
riding & raining
I spent whole day at work, it was raining and cold :c after I came home and ate lunch I went to the doctor with mom - I was so tired...
Day 672
crooked sunset
today I started to learn from ML Crash Course and learned python a lot
Day 671
old tea bag
after lectures I went to Mon, we had a difficult talk about our relationship - I need to change my approach in the evening we went to UJ f...