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Artist, magician, improvisator, life enthusiast. Studying cognitive science. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me, trying to capture important moments in my life
#3 48/365
7 streak
Day 778
mr Bogusław uwu
- went to Cracow for a lecture, mr Bogusław is an awesome lecturer - bougth a bus ticket for tomorrow - came back home and packed myse...
Day 777
procrastinatin with a new device
I did nothing today, had some lectures but dodn't care much watched videos and listened to podcasts whole day, tried...
Day 776
what a day! - I overslept for the lecture (then it turned out that it was canceled) - had big ice cream and delicious dumplings for dinner - we wen...
Day 775
- after morning lecture I went to cracow - me and Julcia were casually creating some usual stuff in co-creating space - in the evening I went to...
Day 774
three card monte
- I train three card monte for yesterday - watched some netflix and youtube stuff - talked with Mon for long, it made me tired (in fa...
Day 773
farcik in my room
- slept till 1 p.m. - read a lot - worked on my cups & balls script - did my training first time for a week ^^
Day 772
the best Karo birthday ever
- it was superb, I had a great time and was fooling around without resistance :D - meet great people, Karo friends are the...
Day 771
what a day
- morning I thought it will be a bad day, it turned out to be grat - Kamil saved our presentation, it went great - I had a creative jam ses...
Day 770
secret grouping
- didn't go to the swimming pool, stayed home instead - had some lectures - watched netflix and rested whole day after yesterday
Day 769
Momik came home :c I was preparing AI raport and presentation about emotion semantics and colexification (it was cool but reall...
Day 768
chillery & utopy
second day of easter - talking - eating - snacks - chilling - watching my childhood photos
Day 767
first day of Easter, we had some good time being together, talking and eating so much that we could break :D in the afternoon we went for a walk,...
Day 766
mint & chocolate candle
Momik came, we spent the day on enjoying ourselves and helping my mom with preparing Easter
Day 765
hold my hand
I sent whole day on rest and watching netflix, felt bad about it (because I have a lot to do to study) but I needed some chill
Day 764
a visit
today mom and dad went to Cracow to sign a flat rental contract for the second flat - now they're both rented :) in the afternoon I came to Cr...
Day 763
rent the house #1
today me and mom went to Cracow to sign a flat rental contract - now it's rented ^^ our tenants are nice, hope it will work better t...
Day 762
got really big nose
- went to Cracow for lectures - in the pause I went with Kamil to buy his new laptop - came back home - bought some new stuff for...
Day 761
f*ck no
today I was doing nothing, enjoying almost free Monday :) started watching disenchantment on netflix
Day 760
varnishing & testing
- spent most of the day on resting - varnished a ball (the painted one) and a wand - rewatched "The Miracle" by Derren Brown (it'...
Day 759
Let's dance
today we went to dance improv workshops with Ala Basia and Momik and later we had a tasty coffe with the last two uwu
Day 758
no bitches
remember today me and Julcia went to co-creating space together, had some good time, painted ourselves a...
Day 757
cupsing and ballsing
so I had a free Thursday - I spent most of the day on practicing cups & balls trick and thinking about magic :) btw this photo wa...
Day 756
just watched netflix and chilled today - I had to do some stuff but I gave up completely, good decision :) #streakpic
Day 755
thamk u bye bye
- today I finished my - after these two weeks I finally know how to exercise and thanks to Nawykolo...