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Artist, magician, improvisator, life enthusiast. Studying cognitive science. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me, trying to capture important moments in my life
#2 260/365
7 streak
Day 625
today I was writting the science article - did some progress but there is lots of work to do :c in the meanwhile I tid a photoshoot of a bana...
Day 624
oskar :c
lazy morning and lazy afternoon at work, the day was nice enough but in the evening my bike was stolen - was swapped for that sh*t when I had...
Day 623
no kissing please
in the morning Monik and I got up, I was well rested, she was not we went to sleep on we got up again, she was well rested, I was no...
Day 622
waitin for the night ^^
there was some digging in the morning, the job was done in the afternoon I was at work, in the evening Monik came and we went...
Day 621
today we were digging all day, the cable is already dug in, the lamps are on, the ditch is buried, there is also a new concept - there will be...
Day 620
found a big fly
we got new router, it works but should work better we also have new balcony chairs and we spent few hours on digging the cable under t...
Day 619
Kropka hidden in da flowers
I was sleeping long long, processing some photos, went out for a while, drew something and that's all I think
Day 618
how long do they live??
another day at work, today I had an hour long break (had a burger) and went to the most distant place in Nowa Huta - to ul. Si...
Day 617
spent 9 hours at work, got very tired, almost missed my bus, had to go to os. Oświecenia two or three times today (that's far af) I don't recco...
Day 616
next stop: tauron arena cracow wieczysta possibility of changing to other tram or bus lines end of the route please leave the vehicle thank you for the joint trip with the municipal transport company in cracow
next stop: tauron arena cracow wieczysta possibility of changing to other tram or bus lines end of the route please leave the vehicle thank you for th...
Day 615
today I was recovering and searching for new internet offer - our previous supplier can't provide services any long I drew a painting and had...
Day 614
we spent whole day together, recovering, enjoying ourselves and sleeping around 4 hours, I also drew with Monik my first painting using my ne...
Day 613
when I came to Cracow I had no train but after coming to Kombinat by bike I had two buses right to home :D was sleeping till noon, instead of meeting...
Day 612
around 2:50 a.m. I left the house and rode my bike to the station for an hour and a half I was almost late, in 6 minutes I got from the Lubicz sto...
Day 611
a spider
I changed the inner tube and saddle on my bike, packed up and ate giant spaghetti
Day 610
the earth is flat
I got a flat tire so I didn't go to work watched smartgasm on youtube instead
Day 609
you can't love
I spent over 6 hours in co-creating space - a creative space where you can freely create without worrying about anything I painted this...
Day 608
my parents went away on vacation so I stayed home alone
Day 607
I went for blood donation with Milena and Adam, Basia also came but she didn't want to donate I was in bad mood then cause I was jealous of h...
Day 606
today I did some stuff (cleaned my room for example) and had an uke lesson, it was quite interesting
Day 605
did nothing today, went to Cracow just to eat dinner and find out that I was unnecessarily going to the city because the Artist's Way will b...
Day 604
unicorns ***** ***
unicorns ** wanted to stay home whole day and cry went to the equality march instead feel better now
Day 603
I haven't cried for a long time, I mean for years today I did a lot . yesterday when I got home late, Kluska was not well and I knew we woul...
Day 602
triple mint strawberry
today I went to Longboard Fat Thursday, met with Monik and Łukasz, had a long walk to Zielonki with Łukasz and in the evening I...