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Magician, improvisator, life enthusiast. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me & my kitten Kluska :3 (for the meantime the total amount of cats at my place is 7)
#1 311/365
2 streak
Day 311
reading, learning and nothing special , woke up late and went to bed late was drawing a bit
Day 310
reading, storytelling, drawing
reading till afternoon, had online organizing Improstal meeting and ended up improving our story structure with Krzysie...
Day 309
so we go online
had online lectrues and feel exhausted - too much tasks and whole day on computer :/ #streakpic
Day 308
went to the university for an online lecture but they moved it to evening had lectures, probably last real-life lectures - next week they gonna...
Day 307
reading & sleeping
was set to prepare a paper about Platon but ended up reading and sleeping and catching up with Tookapic :p #theme-fall
Day 306
the rain will never be over
after lectures had a long free period, spent it in the mall it was raining all day and I was working till evening, was oka...
Day 305
slept for long, had just one lecture, our methodology of science teacher is ill :/ there was raining all day long but I managed to not get we...
Day 304
bernatek's web
spent whole day at work, was okay but long, played with my new camera at evening :3 don't know why but I really like this pic :3
Day 303
grape planet
just, computer stuff and some rest after exhausting week :p
Day 302
woke up late, had an online lecture, was catching up with Tookapic and finished a book "Three-body problem" by Xicin Liu, a good read if you...
Day 301
stayed on
after uni and meeting Michau I wanted to go back home but decided to go for a Longboard Fat Thursday and then to Cafe Szafe for an English I...
Day 300
multiplying free periods
- a lecture - a free period - a lecture I was over an hour late because I mistaken hours - a free period - a voice pedagogy c...
Day 299
this moved me
a new piece of street art, those tiles tell stories of different people that experienced the lockdown different ways . second day on the...
Day 298
"monogamy is boring"
started studies, drew a bit, discovered a new Good Lood spot, called Marta and Michau had a really funny Improstal rehearsal at e...
Day 297
picking grapes
spent whole day on the computer, just was picking grapes a bit I start studies tomorrow, feel excited
Day 296
moving furniture all day long
that was tiring
Day 295
became a student
- went to university for an inauguration - received my student card - had ice cream - had more ice cream - went to Enhap, he gave me...
Day 294
less rain, more ice cream :)
repeat of yesterday - work, voice pedagogy class, more work today it was raining too but less intensively and it even sto...
Day 293
it's raining men
it was raining literally all day! went to work for only 3h, then received a big dinner from the Too Good Too Go app, went to Scena Pe...
Day 292
look there is a new one
4h at work today after work I tried the Too Good To Go app, works well, had a large dinner for just 10 zł :D went back home, g...
Day 291
a long tram
woke up late, did nothing at evening went to an Improstal rehearsal, we played a story about Roman the aesthete electrician, was funny :)
Day 290
creative session
went to Cytat Cafe, ordered a cup of chocolate and was just creating haven't taken my phone nor any clock so I couldn't feel the flow...
Day 289
tried to do Cups & Balls with left hand, practised and wached some magic videos also watched the "Exit Through the Gift Shop" movie, was go...
Day 288
my mum went to Warsaw so I went to the vet with dad we spent over 5 hours in Cracow in traffic jams, doing the shopping, having a dinner a...