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Magician, improvisator, would-be polyglot, life enthusiast. Speaking Polish, English, German, learning Mandarin Chinese. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me & photos of my kitten Kluska :3
#1 166/365
1 streak
Day 166
returning from Niepołomice
today I was reading my morning pages first time since I started (yes, did them every sin...
Day 165
what is going on there?
it was a good day: haven't done any daily habit but did some excercises of the artist's way and hosted an Improstal rehearsal,...
Day 164
a wet evening :(
while I was doing morning pages I discovered what could be a source of my realiance problems; did English exam paper and prepared an...
Day 163
pizza time!
yup, the title has nothing common with the photo but... who cares? had a nice but tiring day at work, discovered these likeable sculptures...
Day 162
I have a pen, I have an apple
Uh! Pineapple pen! apart from that I juiced (nomen omen) a pineapple, a pomegranate, some peaches and grapes and it was...
Day 161
today I was at work and after work had a long phone talk with Maciek and another one with Albert and that's all I think :)
Day 160
the most cute stranger cat I've ever met in grass :3
today I rode the for longer, chose a way I used to ride with m...
Day 159
on the own sandlot
after a short break finally came back to Tookapic, it's really hard to remember what I did only three days before or even yesterday...
Day 158
today I tried to ride a road bike for the first time, it is really fast :D went to the same surrounds that when I took
Day 157
virtual magic conference
so I often attend magic meeting where you can meet other magicians and learn new stuff but now COVID-19 moved all events to t...
Day 156
on the other side of comarch
today I was at work for 2 hours only because my bike battery went out of power before, on the way to work I decided to di...
Day 155
yawning Kluska yet again
the day was meh - I didn't any of daily habits (even didn't train with a unicycle because of rain) but read a lot, did some e...
Day 154
they pop up like mushrooms
spent almost whole day at work, it was really rainly when I was riding to work but later the weather got better so I even s...
Day 153
yesterday my magical friend Skubi nominated me to #magicznehot16 - a challenge based on #hot16challenge2 - all the rules and the goal are th...
Day 152
better days
so last two days were not so good but today I did all I wanted to do and even more :D had a nice long talk with Kacper, wrote mock matura...
Day 151
okay, it was really a steak day, haven't done any of daily habits except of training with a unicycle and after 23:30 was frantically...
Day 150
c'est la vie
had a good day at work and met these two gentlemans :) there were thousands people on streets and on boulevards, lots of them didn't give...
Day 149
another lazy sunny day
learned a bit, read a bit, trained with a unicycle a bit tried to learn how to corner on the unicycle with some success :)
Day 148
it's a beutiful day
well, I have some difficulty with close relations and finally I started therapy today, online but it's not so bad :D it was a beau...
Day 147
daisy day
had a nice short day at work but came back home very tired almost fell asleep while reading but Karolina called me and awoke me a bit, then...
Day 146
when it rains whole day
in fact, it was a good day - I wrote an English essay, read a book, wrote a poem about Piłsudski, watched a "Crime and Punishm...
Day 145
reading day
today I was reading a lot - have some new books and some new Przekrójs and finally have time to read more than recently :D while practicin...
Day 144
not so idyll :D
spent half of the day watching interviews with magicians, trained riding a unicycle a bit and took part in an Improstal rehearsal was...
Day 143
life-work balance
morning did daily habits and even trained riding a unicycle, afternoon went to work, it was okay, there was a rainly while but I too...