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Magician, improvisator, would-be polyglot, life enthusiast. Speaking Polish, English, German, learning Mandarin Chinese. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me & my kitten Kluska :3
#1 244/365
2 streak
Day 244
what I usually do at work :3
had a tiring day at work, met Ania just a while before and then Majkel at Józefa street :) had lots of ice cream and chec...
Day 243
still nameless
my parents and mr. Ginter got away :p I spent the evening on feeding seven cats, eating cookies and watching stuff in the internet :p n...
Day 242
Enhap eating ice cream passionately tired of teaching music
went to Scena Perspektywa for a vocal pedagogy class, then went to Enhap he was teaching m...
Day 241
went to work and then had a therapy session, the day was just okay :)
Day 240
red light
spent the day at home cleaning had an Improstal rehearsal at evening, unfortunately my group members were hurried and I couldn't take a phot...
Day 239
a really lazy day, parents came back home after partying hard at night, I woke up at 11:30, cleaned up, read a bit and that's all :) it was...
Day 238
hitchhikers! :D
a day at work, I met hitchhikerrs - friends form three different countries (Spain, France, Italy) were hiking to Wrocław, I gave them...
Day 237
my parents got off for a weekend I had an ice cream date with Ada, went for longboards for a while and for an improv jam in Cafe Szafe where I met...
Day 236
look what I found there
went to Scena Perspektywa for a vocal pedagogy class, coming back I found this in place I'd never expect this :o
Day 235
a really good day tho :D
the day was supposed to be really bad - I woke up with no desire to work and there was very rainly all morning long but it tu...
Day 234
not the end
finished the book, most important book I read lately one of little kitten (called Kropka) run out and haven't come back yet :/ and I misse...
Day 233
did much, spent lot of time on practicing card magic and recalling forgotten techniques :)
Day 232
workout time!
had an intesive workout with Albert, we travelled 110 km and then I traveled yet much more because I went to Scena Perspektywa to a conc...
Day 231
a day like any other
spent the day at work, nothing special but was okay :)
Day 230
lazy day
it was a lazy day without fireworks afternoon Kacper called me, we watched "Joker" and talked about using moon and socks to charge a phone :D
Day 229
a day at work, afternoon had ice cream with Piotrek and a therapy session (first time offline), then went back to work
Day 228
one after another
today I was catching up with Tookapic (again) and met with Jasiek, his dad and my dad, we had ice cream twice and a pizza :D at even...
Day 227
dump art
went to the vet with kitten, then went to work, nothing special but had some ice cream :3
Day 226
into the bush :D
today I organized a bike trip into the Puszcza Niepołomicka, with Dominika, Krzysiek, Albert and Michał were riding, searching for Ge...
Day 225
went to the vet but we were late and couldn't get in :/ was preparing for tomorrow's bike trip a bit and futzing around :p
Day 224
don't talk to me today
a meh day, I haven't gone to Cracow and did nothing important :/
Day 223
today I implemented a 2-minutes rule from "Atomic Habits" and it works well ^^ afternoon went to Scena Perspektywa and had first time a vo...
Day 222
saw Maciek today, we had a walk around Cracow and (ofc.) ice cream :) afternoon went to Scena Perspektywa to see Michał Kulik's magic show "Kar...
Day 221
today Albert took me spontaneously for a bike training with his brother Artur, we had a nice ride :) at evening we had an important Improsta...