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Magician, improvisator, would-be polyglot, life enthusiast. Speaking Polish, English, German, learning Mandarin Chinese. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me & photos of my kitten Kluska :3
#1 74/365
1 streak
Day 74
biprostal before improstal
overslept to work, took a photo of Biprostal at red traffic lights, ate cherry-amaretto ice cream, went to my improv group...
Day 73
at long last
morning the Peace Patrol training has gone out - we got certificates and went back to Malbork where I was waiting for over 5 hours :p the...
Day 72
second day of the Peace Patrol training, teamwork excercises, lots of first aid learning, lectures and a night practical exam - accident simulati...
Day 71
Peace Patrol
day first of the Peace Patrol training - lot of walking in the forest and teamwork excercises, at evening some lectures went to sleep aft...
Day 70
packed, met my friend Karolina, then went straight to the train station - left Cracow after 8 p.m, reached Malbork at 5 a.m
Day 69
saw an old man taking photos of these flowers so I stopped my bike and did the same :D this day was meh, just a normal day at work and a normal...
Day 68
what a beautiful day
great day at work, took a lot of photos and had fun :D I'm experimenting with editing (wrote more about this in https://tookapic....
Day 67
bad morning, good evening
spent morning doing nothing and having vaery lazy time but then went to Cracow, finally had time to walk around and take som...
Day 66
long time no seen
this week was intensive and I felt that I have no time for Tookapic - #streakpic after #streakpic - but now I want to focus more on...
Day 65
on the road
this day was the climax of this week, for six days I was preparing my magic show for children and finally performed on Julka and Zosia's b...
Day 64
spent whole day practicing my magic show, performed for my mum and got great feedback, feel self-satisfied and ready for tomorrow :D
Day 63
too early
today I was practicing my magic show for six hours, then went to Niepołomice but went out too early so was walking around and waiting for my...
Day 62
finished my work at 14:30 and was waiting for really long, editing my magic show script, ate ice cream with my friend Enhap, attended an impro...
Day 61
second day of writing a script of magic show for children - for two days I wrote 15 pages of script and developed two new presentations for my t...
Day 60
this week's gonna be crazy - I have to prepare a whole magic show for children till Saturday so I've been writing a script for a few hours; at...
Day 59
the birthday party I went to on lasted about 10h - started at 18 p.m. we went to bed about 4:30 a.m. at 7:30...
Day 58
recording day
today I was recording some shots of a movie about sport aerodynamics we produce in Niepolomician Astronomical Observatory :) I woke up a...
Day 57
ratchet spanner
today I did not anything important :p tried to adjust brakes in my bike and broke one of them, wrapped a birthday gift for my friend,...
Day 56
new sheets
my mum bought me new sheets, I'm not a big fan of starwars but I like it - is pretty and dinky :3 I wrote a mock matura exam today and saw...
Day 55
after work I went to the improv course and there happened a lot in my relationship with one of participants, I feel really stressed but I call...
Day 54
no idea how I feel
today I did nothing at home but then went to the shop to buy a birthday gift for my friend and attended an improv workshop where I...
Day 53
new improv group
today I did almost nothing at home but at evening I was at a swimming pool and joined an improv group Improstal :D a play was really...
Day 52
giant dandelion clocks
today I had a nice day at work but was late for an improv event because I mistaken hours :p but met friends there and had some...
Day 51
although I haven't done much today, it was a good day :) I shot this when went out to call some friends and take the air for a while