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15 photos
Day 949
Double photo
Taking a photo of my dad taking a photo of my son. We spent a nice afternoon at my parents' house. Lovely light during the golden hour. #...
Day 999
Dramatic clouds
I wanted to take a photo of a tiny little bridge in Białystok, but I missed the sunset and the golden hour. Had to improvise again. Th...
Day 1,057
I missed the sunset light by 10 minutes (was driving and couldn't really stop for a photo). So this is a streak pic. For real this time. I can't...
Day 952
Hello Fuji
New camera arrived today. A gorgeous, black Fujifilm X-T20 with Fujinon 35mm f/2. I didn't actually have a chance to play with it yet. I on...
Day 578
Ok, I'd be seriously surprised if it'll snow now. The weather is absolutely amazing and I really hope it'll stay that way for the next few mont...
Day 308
This was one of 3 or 4 falling meteors I cought in shot. The other 146 photos were just usual stars. My first attempt in astro photography. Q...
Day 627
Hot summer
It's hot. It's really, really hot. Up to 35°C in the shade. Ice cold beer is an awesome cure for this kind of weather. And so I've been cur...
Day 596
Lazy afternoon
Izzi, my parents' dog taking an afternoon nap in front of the house. She's old, and so calm in comparison to Fibi. #thursday #outdoors...
Day 1,712
I rode 18km on a bike today. After wedding night. That's new for me. So I treated myself with a #glass of #brandy afterwards.
Day 1,674
Stray cat
I'm not sure, but this could be my first #cat photo ever posted on #tookapic. First in ~1,700 pics.
Day 624
Went to my parents' house today with a small gift for my dad - it's Father's Day in Poland. And I couldn't resist that green lawn. Shot some r...
Day 136
This is actually the first time I'm uploading yesterday's pic. Feels weird. I guess this is an emergency feature and not something I'd use o...
Day 53
Took a short stop on our way to my parents' house. Couldn't resist taking a pic of the awesome view of rime covered trees and bushes. Absolutel...
Day 276
Looks like a basketball court in Jurrasic Park closed long, long time ago. #forest #trees #nature #afternoon #saturday #leaves #wood #tree #...
Day 3
Old guitar
Old, broken guitar I found today in my parents' backyard. That reminds me I've got an ukulele back in my house. #morning #october #autumn #...