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Jakub Rostkowski not that easy as it seems to be :)

Paweł Kadysz Not easy at all.

Ian Prince Yeh, I found that out too. A few E-M5 related questions:

1. Did you turn noise reduction off? Leaving it on auto I found out that it takes just as long to "save" the photo as it does to expose. Not as issue on "short" 15 second exposures, but not so fun on multi-minute exposures.

2. Any idea how to set focus on infinity on the zoom lenses? Manually focusing on a star with the EVF I found almost impossible.

3. How did you use "Live Time"? Once I got the frequency of the frames to display, it certainly helped control he exposure. However, once I got the RAWs back on the computer, they seemed *way* darker that what I saw on the camera, effectivly making at least 80% of my photos useless. Any tips on using this feature?

Anyways. thanks for posting to FB yesterday about shooting the Perseids, it inspired me to give it a go, even if it made me realise how most of my "normal" photo skills are irrelevant when shooting ...stars ;)

P.S. Oh, yeh, great photo!

Paweł Kadysz 1. I did not turn the noise reduction off. I wanted pics with no star trails. And for that I found 15s exposure a maximum time. Having to wait for the image to process is indeed annoying.

2. I used the widest lens I had to maximize the chance of capturing the "falling star". I haven't tried zoom yesterday. I manually focused on a distant object (10-20m) and that was it. There is a "Manual focus assistant" or something like that in the settings menu. Once you turn it on, it's much easier to manually focus.

3. I haven't used "Live Time". Tried around 15 different settings - different ISO, exposure time, and aperture. The images indeed looked much brighter on the LCD. After those 15 attemtps I downloaded the images on the computer and chose which settings worked best. Kept those for the rest of the night.

I still had to boost the exposure a bit during postprocessing though.

Maciek Korsan new dehaze filter in lightroom cc 2015 works well with night sky photos

Ian Prince Thanks Paweł for sharing your set-up.

I had always suspected there was a "Manual focus assistant" somewhere in the menus, and am super happy to have now found it!

Chris Lawton Great shot!

noun Waoh!!

juline * * Beautiful !!!

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