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11 photos
Day 418
Try with the stars
First attempt to "astro" photography, from the balcony. I got the PhotoPills app where i can find Galactic Center. Maybe on day-off...
Day 18
Starry Sky, Milky Way
This is my second attempt in shooting the starry sky. Yet not perfect, but anyway I managed to take needed amount of shots befor...
Blood Moon
I got very lucky to be outside the city on this special night/day. The sky was absolutely clear, the conditions were perfect (except for th...
Day 307
I spent almost 2 hours on taking pics of dark sky. I wish to shot milky way and some perseids but after reviewing photos on my computer, I wa...
Day 271
Supermoon eclipse
You know you've chosen the right year to do a 365 project when in the same year you have a solar eclipse and a supermoon blood-red l...
Day 120
My first try to catch some star trails. I thought when picture is taken day by day, but not published the same day, the sequance won't reset :(...
Day 6
Day 6: Starry Night
The sky has always fascinated me. Tonight the view through my binoculars was amazing, so I gave it a literal shot with my camera....
Day 339
Night sky
It was attempt to shot night sky of GoPro. I went outside the city and at the last moment I noticed that the micro sd card I left at home. I...
Day 2
Cherry Valley Stars
Went to hang out with friends in Cherry Valley and set up an astrolapse on their back deck. This is one of the hundreds of photos...
Night Sky
I shot video for a wedding yesterday at a gorgeous venue. Stopped on the way out to grab a timelapse, this is one of the last frames. #natur...
Day 226
Perseid's hype
#saturday #night #landscape #wroclaw #sky #sunset #silhouette #hill #dusk #astronomy #august #astro-photography #urban-scene