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6 photos
Day 467
Ballar by night
This time something different. My new board, ultralight dancer Luca Ballar (with different graphics, but almost the same as https://to...
Day 895
Luca Longboards Mini Ballar
Luca Longboards Mini Ballar My new bae. And it's incredibly beautiful. I went to work, checking out what's going on with my car - it should be ready t...
Day 873
Front foot Man(i)ual :)
Monday. I had to rest a bit after the weekend, but managed to go see Zuza before she went back to 3-city, got to work, spent s...
Day 88
It's piano day today (88th day of the year like 88 keys), but since I don't have a piano, I'll take a selfie with my longest board, Ballar. My...
Day 170
So we came home from Budapest around 2 o'clock, went straight to sleep, had breakfast in the afternoon, unpacked our things and... I went slid...
Day 106
Ballar by and with Luca
Łukasz (incognito) is the guy who makes longboards, and Ballar, his dancer, is one of those things I'd gladly find under chris...