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Kazzi selfies side-project

I tried to upload a selfie daily for a year, but one day facebook messenger went wrong... and the whole project collapsed. It was fun and crazy, to keep two projects simultaneously. I like it crazy.
#1 200/365
1 streak
Day 200
232/365 (?)
Woah, resurrection! Have to admit, without uploading them daily, I sometimes catch myself without a selfie in the evening - but I remember...
Day 199
My mother came to Cracow yesterday evening and She left around noon, taking her friend - "uncle" Leszek - with her back to Greater Poland dist...
Day 198
Another reflection selfie, completely unintentionally - as mentioned under previous photo, I completely forgot about that selfie in helmet's v...
Day 197
Selfie in a full-face helmet, that protected Afera from getting a paintball headshot in the middle of the forehead during The Death Race. Afte...
Day 196
Second day of Izdebki Camp was great! To be honest, I don't even recall taking this selfie xD but the exif says it was taken around 6 p.m., ,...
Day 195
Time to start our trip! Izdebki Camp 2017 - Lots of Krk City Surfers edition, start! Me, Martynka, @kingaroo and @cotaanosia on our way for so...
Day 194
During our weekly Longboard Fat Thursday I was so into riding and taking photos of people, that I've forgotten about taking a selfie! Luckily,...
Day 193
Look at that guy, parked his car at level +2 and managed to walk out the gallery at level 0 just to take a selfie, before stepping into the un...
Day 192
It's pizza time! At Hala Główna, just like Forum Przestrzenie, they have those pagers, which You receive when You order pizza - and it turns D...
Day 191
Another day at the pumptrack! I know, it's not a typical selfie - but after @edwardcolody joined me on the western edge of the pumptrack, I ga...
Day 190
You've seen the "before", now You see the "after". Yeah, we managed to stay up until sunrise (technotechno!) and even got a +1 to our team - A...
Day 189
Tauron Pekiel Crew ready for action! You might see the level of tiredness on my face - 90 minutes of sleep is not much for two days of festiva...
Day 188
Tauron Festival Nowa Muzyka in Katowice, yeeeeeeaaaaah! Remember ? So well, yes, it's the same festival, ju...
Day 187
A quick one, using some of the sunbeams a bit later and further than on :) I took two boards from my car -...
Day 186
We got caught by the rain after our investigation in Cluedo, so we got on a tram with M. and got to our car that way, instead of riding our bo...
Day 185
Right before entering Hala Główna to have a beer with longboarders after our weekly Push or Die. #selfie #portrait #night #dark #tuesday #stre...
Day 184
Catching some late sunbeams right before sunset at my beloved Kładka Bernatka (footbridge) and with my least beloved sculpture in the backgrou...
Day 183
Use helmets. Protect. Always. And watch this, it's 20 secs: Short Kopiec session after work. :) #s...
Day 182
I was walking back to my car after's concert and thinking about not having a selfie from the day, when I sa...
Day 181
I've been there in the afternoon ( ) and I came back by night after visiting kopiec. This time it's not a se...
Day 180
Well, I have to admit I had another selfie from earlier that day - when we went sliding to Kopiec Kościuszki - and that's where this face expr...
Day 179
Well well well, that was unexpected. Our friends called us and asked, if we can take care of their dogs ( f...
Day 178
Since in the morning I left my car at the service for annual checking, filters cleaning etc., I took my board to work and we were returning fr...
Day 177
Not much to say about this photo. On my way to the second work, in front of Galeria Krakowska. I like my hat - and I left it there this evenin...