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63 photos
Day 958
It's been a while since I posted last Fibi portrait. I've been testing Fuji's autofocus. As you can see, even with a wall of grass in front of t...
Day 753
Best dog ever
Today is five years since we took Fibi in. She's not the crazy little puppy anymore, but she still has some crazy moments. Not in this p...
Day 540
Watching the sunset
I think Fibi is getting old. She's much more calm lately. I cought her staring at the sunset today. I think this might be one of m...
Day 2,006
Since it's much warmer now, we decided to finally give #Fibi a bath. She doesn't look like she's enjoying it, but she really had nothing against...
Day 515
Fibi likes to sit in front of our big window and just stare at the nature around the house. And there's a lot going on now. There's more bir...
Day 1,462
Back home
Me: Hey Fibi, why don't you smile for the picture? Fibi: Sure, why not. Smiles Me: Oh god. #morning #october #fall #outdoors #nature #walk #...
Day 1,408
Long time since I last uploaded #fibi photo. So here she is. Chilling on the deck, waiting for the beavers to come out. #portrait #thursday #...
Day 2,092
(🇵🇱 Polska wersja niżej, przewiń mocno w dół) Have you ever watched a music video, without music? The vocals and visuals - key elements - are...
Day 1,914
Saw #fibi sitting in the corridor, waiting to be fed in the morning. Loved the light. I'm always amazed by the way she sits. Hmm... maybe I'l...
Day 603
Probably the weirdest Fibi photo I've ever taken. She's was watching the sunset again. And I loved the contrast of the her yellowish fur and t...
Day 1,312
Contemplating the Sunset
Just Fibi looking at the setting sun. I like the perfect focus on the eye. #portrait #saturday #evening #dog #animal #studio...
Day 671
Fibi streak pic
I recently have no time to take some decent pics. Working hard on the last fixes of the app. I have no budget for any more fixes thoug...
Day 1,935
Good girl
It's been three weeks since last #fibi photo ( This time, she fits my recent theme of Holding stuff in f...
Day 2,045
Come and play
Out of focus and a bit blurred, but the sun was already gone and #fibi went crazy.
Day 459
The happiest dog
We took a short walk today. It was good. #forest #woods #outdoors #trees #nature #afternoon #green #walk #landscape #sunday #dog #fun...
Day 2,023
Fibi on fire
We had our first #fire this season. And it was good. #badframing #badcropping #fibi
Day 149
Fibi the dog
Taking dog portrait is damn hard. Well, maybe it's just our dog. Can't focus, can't sit in one place for more than 1.5 seconds. And when...
Day 1,832
Another day, another #walk with Fibi. Had a few moments with incredible #light, including this one. #theme-fall #fibi #woods #forest
Day 2,099
Good dog
It's been a week. Feels like months. The house still feels empty. We don't cry... that much anymore. But we still miss #Fibi.
Day 2,053
"Can you stop with the photos already? It's been 2000 days or something. That's like freaking 40 years for a dog. Please stop." #fibi
Day 1,162
It's been a while since the last Fibi photo. I went outside trying to find some nice morning frost to take a pic of. No luck. Everything melt...
Day 2,052
Little big dog
This is what I love about 365 projects. Every once in a while it "lets" me capture a frame like this. A photo that I can be truly proud...
Day 455
By the fireplace
This dog absolutely loves to be hot. In winter, she spends most of the day lying by the fireplace. In the summer she sunbathes every...
Day 501
Almost done with the tutorial. I will probably need to shoot few more pics tonight. But I'm happy with the overall result. Fibi is helping a l...