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5 photos
Day 514
Golden sunset
Well, yeah. Another portrait, this time with my Woman of choice :) After a hard day yesterday we had some good sleep in the strangest ho...
Day 513
OOooookay, I need to catch up almost twoo weeks of my photos because of our leave of absence with Martyna and our litte eurotrip :) So! After my...
Day 652
Two Icelandic gods #2
Remember those guys? - last year's OFF Festival, two years ago (before my tookapic project st...
Day 1,077
The Palace
I wrote my last note on the way to Warsaw. I had no expectations about the job interview, full disclosure - I went there feeling I owe this...
Day 166
Brno! After one and a half days in Prague we decided to visit second biggest city in Czech Republic. Have to admit, the old town is pretty imp...