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12 photos
Day 508
Kanthaka Ollie
Sunday funday! Since 4th of June was free this year, I woke up early, grabbed my board, picked up Afera from a bus stop on the way and...
Day 455
Sometimes You fall
...but never lose the spirit and good attitude! For everyone, who has just celebrated their 100th photos, for everyone who finished...
Day 497
Nose blunt Kostek
I got up around 9 a.m., ate some breakfast and went back to sleep... for over five more hours. My body really knows, when it needs t...
Day 559
Kopiec, kopiec, kopiec! Kopiec (Mound) Slide Crew and Luca Longboards 2017 Mono 37" and two times 39". Before/instead of Push or Die, we...
Day 874
Kopiec Slide season is back on!
Today, instead of going for Push or Die, I took the opportunity to use the professional gear and took the E-M1 II with...
Day 574
Prototype ride
No street photo today - I spent half a day at work, then went to pick up Michał and we went to Kopiec Kościuszki together for a slide s...
Day 553
Proud of herself
Three days after Izdebki Camp and we already went to Kopiec for a slide session. It was really hot during the day, so we even moved t...
Day 594
Kopiec vibes
It didn't feel like my day, but after 30 minutes of traffic jams I have visited my friend for a quick talk and went to kopiec afterwards....
Day 102
Kopiec Slide Session, first one this year! I'm so glad I went there. It was a much better option of spending the afternoon than falling asleep...
Day 243
Nice toeside, Kostek!
Another Michał, nickname Kostek, in our longboard crew. His skills keep impressing me and motivating all the time. I went for sl...
Day 183
Use helmets. Protect. Always. And watch this, it's 20 secs: Short Kopiec session after work. :) #s...
Day 257
Don't fly away from me!
Another sunny day, another Kopiec Slide Session. I know, it might be boring seeing same people in the same situation (my longb...