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87 photos
Day 602
King of the city
He is the best rider in whole city. Today we were surfing in the fog. #trees #night #light #road #monday #dark #fog #tree #black #cit...
Day 811
Wedge wedge wedge
Wedge wedge wedge Come on, Spring, I hope You're here to stay. Our longboard season has started and is here to stay - we're gonna be meeting every Tue...
Day 575
Farewell photo
Loaded Kanthaka, Mateusz(Afera)'s skate-longboard, is going to her new owner right now, so it's the last photo of this set... although,...
Day 467
Ballar by night
This time something different. My new board, ultralight dancer Luca Ballar (with different graphics, but almost the same as https://to...
Day 621
The green smoke
After a working week, I decided to have a free monday - so after breakfast, I went to work just to watch over my manager to give me a...
Day 881
Push or Kalor ;-)
Tuesdays are for Push or Die! It was raining in the morning, but I didn't manage to catch the moisture for our weekly theme - but si...
Day 531
Enjoy the ride
It's an incredibly good feeling to be with my #longboard-family during our weekly #push-or-die again! Shame I had to stay at work longe...
Day 533
Pure happiness
One more with those two, because it's gonna be a really vivid memory :) of course, it's our longboard Fat Thursday again - but this tim...
Day 787
In motion
Finally! We had some good weather this weekend, so after yesterdays surprise party we got up late and - since there weren't many people in m...
Day 508
Kanthaka Ollie
Sunday funday! Since 4th of June was free this year, I woke up early, grabbed my board, picked up Afera from a bus stop on the way and...
Day 801
Get on Your dancing shoes
It's been a "guilty pleasure" weekend. After just a few hours at work we went to Warsaw for IAMX concert with Martyna, had a...
Day 568
Under a burning sky
That show... wait, it was a spectacle, which our mother earth gave us with the sky above Cracow this evening, was really spectacul...
Day 455
Sometimes You fall
...but never lose the spirit and good attitude! For everyone, who has just celebrated their 100th photos, for everyone who finished...
Day 713
I've cut Your forehead!
Second day of Christmas. We ate late breakfast, visited our friend Beri in Częstochowa, on our way to Cracow (and stayed three...
Day 880
Michał the dancer
Michał the dancer We got a special guest's visit today - Lucky, the three-legged dog, who got rescued after being found with both rear legs broken, ca...
Day 842
I know Kung-Fu!
It's been the craziest day of my life so far, and I'm not a calm type of person. After staying up really late we got up with Jawor, wh...
Day 487
Longboard sunday
Okay, I have to fill 12 days-long hole on tookapic... and I really can't start from the beginning, so let's start from the end. Free...
Day 832
Dancing Mania
Dancing Mania When You come back from International Longboard Dancing championship all You really want is... more dancing! So we've met before our wee...
Day 475
Pogoria VII crew
During the long May weekend, there is an 18km longboard push race - three laps around the lake "Pogoria III" in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Thi...
Day 548
Izdebki Camp: Slide Jam
After yesterday's Fat Thursday I went to work just to wait for the courier with my brand new Oneplus 5 - what a simple mail wi...
Day 563
Born model
My photographer friends, Paweł and Kasia, called me if I could borrow them longboards to practice, and since I was at work for the whole da...
Day 497
Nose blunt Kostek
I got up around 9 a.m., ate some breakfast and went back to sleep... for over five more hours. My body really knows, when it needs t...
Day 902
Sista's Not taking advantage of @kingaroo spending time in Cracow would've been a great misunderstanding! We've met in town, spent some time together...
Day 554
Longboard Fat Thursday be like
Longboardowy Tłusty (już nie Otyły) Czwartek - first official one! After this year's Izdebki Camp we came to an agreeme...