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eventide My God, I love this picture!

Kazzi yay :)

Kazzi have You tried longboarding, @eventide ? there are two fb pages - and, and even a group:

Check it out! You might take even better photos there, and... I really strongly recommend trying to ride - it's one of those sports that You learn in 2-3 hours and then You just need to practice, my favourite way of commuting and... a pretty good-looking thing!

eventide I don't know if I can say that I had tried longboarding once... It happened when I was at primary school and it consisted on sitting on a loangboard and moving by thrusting back of hands off the pavement 😂 Later I hadn't had any opportunity to try longboarding just like normal people do. I'm pretty sure that I'll use the info I got thanks to sites you've showed me for taking photos - I guess if I get fascinated by longobarding I would try it also (for now I'll try to get not killed while roller skating 😂).

Kazzi just don't come with roller blades, we don't like each other...

...just kidding ;)
Give it a try. It's simple, a bit similar to roller blading, very similar to snowboarding - and much easier to jump-in jump-out way of use :)

eventide Hey, this is the one thing I am aware of - that those who practice roller blading and those who practice longboarding are kinda hostile to each other ;P

Kazzi Yup. They break our knees.

But we both hate the scooters. F*ck the scooters!

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