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6 photos
Day 547
Soft / Flex
So ok, maybe I overcome with the post processing but I was so surprised how much I can do with just the photo app on my iPhone (not even o...
Day 533
Pure happiness
One more with those two, because it's gonna be a really vivid memory :) of course, it's our longboard Fat Thursday again - but this tim...
Day 602
King of the city
He is the best rider in whole city. Today we were surfing in the fog. #trees #night #light #road #monday #dark #fog #tree #black #cit...
Day 68
Longboard family gathering after (or rather - instead of) weekly Longboard Fat Thursday. We're ready to open the season, the weather isn't coop...
Day 204
Late for weekly theme
Once again, I'm late for weekly theme. In my defence - I took that on thursday, but after returning home had no time to develop...
Day 60
Always Coca Cola
Even in shisha tobbaco. Quite pleasant. It's nice to smoke on a house-warming party, it's nice to forget about your e-cigarette for a...