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10 photos
Day 575
Farewell photo
Loaded Kanthaka, Mateusz(Afera)'s skate-longboard, is going to her new owner right now, so it's the last photo of this set... although,...
Day 568
Under a burning sky
That show... wait, it was a spectacle, which our mother earth gave us with the sky above Cracow this evening, was really spectacul...
Day 554
Longboard Fat Thursday be like
Longboardowy Tłusty (już nie Otyły) Czwartek - first official one! After this year's Izdebki Camp we came to an agreeme...
Day 596
Fat Thursday Crew
Finally! After so many meetings - like, literally, every Thursday since spring came, quite late this year - we managed to take a gro...
Day 834
Wet Fat Thursday / Łątka and Peter Pan
My oldest missed day, first Fat Thursday after SYCLD - and when we got to the suqare, it started raining :/ but...
Day 547
Well, I have to admit - it was hard to choose from today's photos, since I've taken quite a few nice portraits - and also nice action photos (bu...
Day 638
Another Afera portrait
After sitting by lightroom and patching up 10 pictures hole from June until 4:20 a.m. (yeah, a good time to stand up from the c...
Day 883
Longboard Fat Thursday 14.06
I had a hard time choosing a photo of the day, but finally let's go for the group one - it's the one that definitely refl...
Day 526
Dancing Mania
Another Thursday, another longboard dancing! This time I tried longer exposure shots to emphasize the movement. And @maniaduda did a gre...
Day 194
During our weekly Longboard Fat Thursday I was so into riding and taking photos of people, that I've forgotten about taking a selfie! Luckily,...