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39 photos
Day 296
Day of Krakow Yoyo Battle - yoyo competition which I ogranize with my pal and with invaluable help of @kasiek86 @arcz3r, his girlfriend, and s...
Day 365
Wizard look
So, I did it! It wasn't easy especially in recent months. But project 365 is done and with full's something, am I right? I adm...
Day 738
Kendururu It was a long Saturday, full of photos and emotions. I woke up early with Martyna, took a quick shower, kissed Her goodbye since she was goi...
Day 142
I have this yoyo for more than 3 years. It's a gift and it has a special engrave with a quote from one of my favourite polish movies. I often quo...
Day 282
First yoyo run
First pic of our first and own yoyo run. BNW is because I do not want to show final colors yet ;) Made on acrylic surface. Do you have...
Day 38
Focus hard
Allright, some time ago @paveusky told me to try with bokeh, when yoyo is spinning...daaamn, it was hard. Needed some help with that, becau...
Day 109
Don't drink and throw (your favourite yoyo). When you know, you want to drink, take an old yoyo with you. Actually on the pic you can s...
Day 290
First Yoyo Run 2
The same, as here Made some new shots. On Saturday there will be a yoyo competition - Krakow Yoyo...
Day 262
Cold but playing prescription
Stayed at home second day in a row, because of cold. Oh, funny thing I thought about just now: yoyo model name is "presc...
Day 427
Green fingerspin
For the macro theme I had a though about my long time no see (on tookapic at last) friend Kalor -
Day 120
Eye Of The Kraken
My wife was sitting in the front of her computer, wited for ticket sales to began. It will be a special concert with symphony orches...
Day 273
Waiting for the package
Order with first run of our own yoyo is in transport. Can't wait. If you don't like my yoyo photos, plase be patient, because...
Day 19
We planned this day for a week...we had to go photoshooting with @kasiek86...but snow was falling today, it was cold...and my nose almost fe...
Day 328
My routine
I thought about this weekly theme and the answer is simple. Right after time in the bathroom and after loading photo here I have about 20 m...
Day 1
Here I am
So, here I am. The first picture on tookapic. I am here because of my friend @Kazziz, who told me "oh come on, do is just 5 minutes...
Day 114
Yoyo meeting
We had a yoyo meeting. This time in Krakow and we could got up at normal time - finally. We met new people. Good to know, that we have mo...
Day 40
Clickers are good for counting people...and points at yoyo events. Every judge has two of them. In simple words one of them is used to count pos...
Day 65
Its'not a toy
But with both you can have fun. Yellow color in the corner is because of a yellow flashlight standing near the window. That was beginnin...
Day 226
Just got back
This is current Polish Yoyo National Champion of the most important yoyo category - 1A. Made that pic, when he was preparing for his per...
Day 8
Yoyo facts: 1
Did you know, that yoyo these days has a ball bearing inside? Thanks to it, yoyo can spin for a long time. Photo not very sharp, but sti...
Day 310
More yoyos
#morning #saturday #plastic #february #hobby #yoyo #no-person #yoyoing #round-out #precise #preciseyoyos
Day 23
Prototypes arrived
As I said here, few days ago I have received a package with our new yoyo prototypes. Today I wil...
Day 463
yoyo meeting
chwila relaksu na mini spotkaniu w gronie machaczy yoyo #morning #outdoors #nature #saturday #people #hand #woman #man #human #july #yoyo...
Day 20
Yoyo facts: 2
There are different types of yoyo bearings. Some of them are "normal", but other has curved surface...and some of them has curved surfac...