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Dorka Congratulations ;-)

pgrab thank you :)

Paweł Te Gratulacje! Brawo Ty!😸😸

pgrab Brawo ja! Ostatni tydzień mocno odliczałem do końca. Pełny streak mnie cieszy

kasiek 1. Congratulations!! :) I'm really proud :)
2. Beautiful hat! :D
3. Really nice streak! :D

pgrab 1: thank you
2: my idea, but you did it
3: yeah!

Kazziz Best. couple. ever. 😍😍😍

agnieszka bladzik Congratulations 🤩

pgrab thank you!

Anna Gratuluję! :)

pgrab dziękuję :)

Marta Kalina Congratulation! :D
It' a pity that you can't continue next project but I hope to meet you during next Tookawalk or maybe tookapic maraton. Darek was writing about it in "Talks"? Think about it with @kasiek :)
Great photo for the end! :D

kasiek tookapic is maraton :D

pgrab Tookawalk, tookawalk, tookawalk! And thank you. My last pic is just me. Photography, yoyo and Toy Story :D oh and silly face ;)

Zenon Drobiński Congratulations! I can say that for me your project was surely #goodenough :)

pgrab Thank you. Glad You like it :)

Aga Ka Congratulations!

pgrab Thank You!

Kazziz It was once year. You've made a HUGE progress and I'll always say dragging You into that site was one of my biggest achievements. So proud!
And about the tookawalk... how about next weekend? ;-)

kasiek Saturday ? :D

pgrab Next weekend...Saturday seems legit! And thank YOU for dragging me here. I am really happy, that I made a full 365! It's "something". Especially, that often I start something, but have no motivation to bring it to an end.

Kazziz Sounds good to me. And I'm afraid, that You'll upload a photo tomorrow.

'The tookaworld could always use more heroes', paraphrasing Tracer from "Overwatch" trailer (if You haven't seen it, do it now)

Kazziz Hope I didn't mess up with the date. Took at talks - and You might wanna paste the link under Your photo :-)

Piotr Congratulations! And yes, I must admit that your project was #goodenough.

pgrab Thank You so much :)

pgrab Dziękuję pięknie

Rafal Laczynski Congratulations! 👏

pgrab Oh, my most-starred-by-me-user...thank You! :D

vera Congratulations Pgrab for your project! yes it's goodenough!!!

Rafał Bolko Gratulacje! To był naprawdę dobry i ciekawy projekt! Będzie mi brakowało Twoich zdjęć... Powodzenia :)

Basia congratulations!

Ewa Kudlaty Really beautiful project. I belive, it was not your last day here. Congratulations!!!

Hanna Gawrychowska Big congratulations 🍾🥂

Michał Definately #goodenough! Congratulations!

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