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Kazzi selfies side-project

I tried to upload a selfie daily for a year, but one day facebook messenger went wrong... and the whole project collapsed. It was fun and crazy, to keep two projects simultaneously. I like it crazy.
#1 200/365
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Day 1
It's too easy to run just one project, so I'm starting a second one. I'll try to step out of my comfort zone a bit and upload one selfie a day....
Day 34
I didn't sleep well that night. It resulted in a stupid decision of going to the hairdresser. Or rather - haircutter. Do You notice that spark...
Day 167
So, from Brno, we went to Bratislava, slept at one of the main streets (thanks AirBNB) and in the early morning we took a ride to Vienna :) Si...
Day 95
Repairing. I have tried Lineage OS on my Oneplus One smartphone and it worked perfectly... except network coverage. It started loosing network...
Day 105
I have to admit - house I'm spending Easter at is the place my passion for photography (and selfies :P) started. Since it's wooden, no matter...
Day 31
It's good to get back to work for the every-month's stocktaking - it's the easiest way to find out what happend during my absence. During such...
Day 93
Well, my balcony worked quite well as a place to shoot photos on my day off - and except coffee, I've been drinking other delicious things (in...
Day 108
You are always welcome to visit me at work, like Kasia and Paweł did this Tuesday. Photography friends, we know each other for... over 8 years...
Day 10
DAT STAIRWAY! Visiting and tookapicing Nowa Huta (literally "The New Steel Mill" - is my dream for a l...
Day 25
Well, it'd be hard to take it as a selfie, since I'd have to have five-kilos heavy tripod for that wind not to take it (is that sentence correc...
Day 36
Pizza at night is always a good idea. Pizza with additional spinach, mozarella and onion with lots of garlic sauce - even better. And a selfie...
Day 44
Almost asleep, not fully awake, but still agreed to a selfie. We had three photos, none with both of us with open eyes - on the second one I'm...
Day 71
Did You know, that Olympus FL-LM3 flashlight (the little one You get with E-M5 Mark II and E-M1 Mark II and standalone costs ~80 EUR) has a pos...
Day 86
My fiancee went to Łódź for her first photo session... and as it appears, not the last. She came back to Cracow in full make-up and came to get...
Day 97
Stickered. Driving again, Cracow's standard rainy Friday afternoon traffic jams. This time I've used someone's hands ;) #mirror #portrait #frid...
Day 114
Thehe-red, You say? Okay! Selfie in a Instax Mini 70's mirror! I got this idea a minute before leaving work, so it was a quick one. #selfie #c...
Day 134
134/365 (?)
Screw the streak, I'll manage to catch up later - now I need You to look at my pizza! :D It's a standard "just put it in the oven" pizza w...
Day 122
@kingaroo is definitely one of my best friends ever. We're so similar in many ways and so different in some others, but at the end, I really l...
Day 123
Well... after some heavy drinking the night before, this day at OffScena we took a plastic bench, put it in front of the lightning manager and...
Day 145
Strange one. Taken while talking with customers to show them how easy E-M10 is to handle. Completely forgotten, found on memory card while tra...
Day 149
Escape Room, again! After longboarding session, meeting with friends at Kazimierz and going to Escape Room - this time we chose Funny Will, wh...
Day 154
After the I got a call from Andzia, Micz's girlfriend - She had a serious toothache and went to a night den...
Day 173
Fat thursday again! We were heading for an afterparty beer, when I spotted an old car to shoot... shame our weekly theme "Retro cars" has ende...
Day 174
New arrivals! After two years of selling only Fujifilm Instax cameras, we got the Polaroid ones - and although I prefer the instax ones, it's...