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Kazzi selfies side-project

I tried to upload a selfie daily for a year, but one day facebook messenger went wrong... and the whole project collapsed. It was fun and crazy, to keep two projects simultaneously. I like it crazy.
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Day 1
It's too easy to run just one project, so I'm starting a second one. I'll try to step out of my comfort zone a bit and upload one selfie a day....
Day 2
Yup, there is snow in Cracow! For more descripton of that day take a look here: #selfie #night #evening #mond...
Day 3
I've already done one like this a few months ago - It was even better. But sitting long at night, taking pho...
Day 4
This time, something different. Ninja style! I was photographing a smartphone for sale in the same place as t...
Day 5
It's pizza time! Visiting my ex-flatmate in his new flat for a quick tea and beer ended at half past one a.m. and a massive attack of my girlfri...
Day 6
Man's work. Sometimes repairing something means disassembling and assembling it back. Maybe it was the dust cleaning, maybe a loose thread, anyw...
Day 7
She's dead. Or just resented. After eleven hours on a rooftop parking lot with temperatures close to -20 degrees, her battery went null. Luckily...
Day 8
On the woodden wall. I forgot the -1 EV exposure shift, but the next ones were worse. On my way from work, this time I took a different route ju...
Day 9
Farewell, E-M5 Mark II. It was a pleasure to have You as a companion for over two weeks with wonderful 12-40 and a great 60mm macro lenses. You'...
Day 10
DAT STAIRWAY! Visiting and tookapicing Nowa Huta (literally "The New Steel Mill" - is my dream for a l...
Day 11
Behind bars! It's one of my favourite places in Kazimierz district,, right next to SmokeGod. Closed for the winter season, it seems. R...
Day 12
Tired. I felt exactly the way my longsleeve looks at this photo - rumpled. A lot. Preparing 13 boards including 366 :P photos was tiring a lot....
Day 13
Preparations for the exhibition have started from taking a selfie, yay! ZetPeTe club is rather a dim place, but we'll try to do something about...
Day 14
There's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself, if You really feel You've earned it. Well, I do. I did something I felt completely impossib...
Day 15
Wide-angle lenses are made for group selfies! I'm not used to Canon's files, so I had a problem with orange-yellow colours, but it seems to be...
Day 16
That photo is so stupid I can't even... oh, come on, Kazzi, that project was meant to be like this, You knew it all the time. So... yup. I alre...
Day 17
A black and white day. The weather wasn't inviting to go outside, so I spent that whole day with my fiancee at home, watching her work, eating,...
Day 18
I know, I'm overusing my bathroom mirror a bit... but it's fun to laugh at Yourself. Also, there was not even one selfie with my camera in-fram...
Day 19
I got a wide-angle lens, so let's have some fun! Walking with friends, Problem and Kostek, to meet with same amonut of our female longboard fri...
Day 20
Show some world to Your teeth! #portrait #morning #friday #krakow #people #poster #hair #happiness #woman #man #january #good-day #exhibition #...
Day 21
SALK Selfie after their concert. You can see 3/4rds of the band, since Mammoth is a non-smoking part of that wonderful band. From the left: Kam...
Day 22
When You're packed, with all Your stuff at the bus station and have over a week of free time awaiting to get on the night bus to the other side...
Day 23
Let's fly! My fiancee terrified as always, Marta - our friend - happy to go. We're not in hurry, there is already a queue on the stairs to that...
Day 24
The team. Marek, Magda (the one in Griffindor's hat) boyfriend was at work, but there are five of us alltogether. For the first trip we went to...