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Kazzi selfies side-project

I tried to upload a selfie daily for a year, but one day facebook messenger went wrong... and the whole project collapsed. It was fun and crazy, to keep two projects simultaneously. I like it crazy.
#1 200/365
1 streak
Day 44
Almost asleep, not fully awake, but still agreed to a selfie. We had three photos, none with both of us with open eyes - on the second one I'm...
Day 134
134/365 (?)
Screw the streak, I'll manage to catch up later - now I need You to look at my pizza! :D It's a standard "just put it in the oven" pizza w...
Day 4
This time, something different. Ninja style! I was photographing a smartphone for sale in the same place as t...
Day 158
Well... what could I do on my free day if not work? My second day as an Olympus promoter. A quick selfie in my glass cabinet (the one I share...
Day 41
Corgi! Two corgis! I love that dogs! :) And they definitely love what I'm holding in my hand, and I'm not talking about the camera... :D When y...
Day 63
Look, a ghost! I've had some difficultiues in setting the white balance back right, since I lit my face with camera's flash that's much greener...
Day 143
I was taking a photo of a document to send it to work today and forgot to change the camera back to my quality settings from the small basic j...
Day 9
Farewell, E-M5 Mark II. It was a pleasure to have You as a companion for over two weeks with wonderful 12-40 and a great 60mm macro lenses. You'...
Day 56
Best. Selfie. Ever. Went to Jurrasic Foto Festival (edition four) to have some photographic practice and it feels like on one of our work schol...
Day 75
It really is one shot, no photoshopping! :D I've been taking photos of Wawel Castle for a long time, but we didn't have a selfie together. Unti...
Day 187
A quick one, using some of the sunbeams a bit later and further than on :) I took two boards from my car -...
Day 98
Weekend! We went out to get some sun and move our lazy bodies and rod a few kilometers with our longboards, ate a good mexican burrito and belg...
Day 102
Kopiec Slide Session, first one this year! I'm so glad I went there. It was a much better option of spending the afternoon than falling asleep...
Day 25
Well, it'd be hard to take it as a selfie, since I'd have to have five-kilos heavy tripod for that wind not to take it (is that sentence correc...
Day 28
Teamed up and ready to see the waterfalls, black beach of Vik and other wonderful places of Iceland. One of that first ones is behind our backs...
Day 119
A qucik selfie in tulips at home. Five minutes later I was laying in bed and went straight to sleep after partying with friends until really l...
Day 144
Do I look like I've been sleeping for half of the day? Well, that's exactly how it was. Seems that my organism is taking all the time it can t...
Day 20
Show some world to Your teeth! #portrait #morning #friday #krakow #people #poster #hair #happiness #woman #man #january #good-day #exhibition #...
Day 37
Mother's birthday, Ennio Morricone concert. And a selfie during standing ovation before the last bis. It's been a good day, it's been a good co...
Day 118
We have visited "Piękny Pies" (The Beautiful Dog) with Longboard Family friends and our friend, who works there, let us into the staircase tha...
Day 142
Okay, today is the day I remembered the streak number again. A quick shot while getting into the car after work, this time - unusually - from...
Day 6
Man's work. Sometimes repairing something means disassembling and assembling it back. Maybe it was the dust cleaning, maybe a loose thread, anyw...
Day 26
Even when I want to upload a selfie without anybody else on the photo, even my fiancee, it appears that the only photos from our walk around Ke...
Day 38
Oh, hello there, little cutie! It's so nice to buy yourself a late birthday present. Can't wait to get the first prints from it, yay! My friend...