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Artist, magician, improvisator, life enthusiast. Studying cognitive science. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me, trying to capture important moments in my life
#2 275/365
2 streak
Day 100
so today I celebrate my 100th photo :D can't belive it passed so quickly :o just want to say big thank you @pawelkadysz for all work you put into...
Day 500
soooooooo I've been photographing everyday constantly for 500 days! :D it's a big thing I think :o thank you all for being here and keep going, I...
Day 262
forgotten to take a pic today
today I did lots of stuff - catching up with Tookapic, some Improstal stuff, printing and filling recruitment docs, etc....
Day 365
finally I wrote and sent a Christmas card for Michael Vincent, a British magician who inspired me to start a 365 project ^^ went to work at ev...
Day 1
hello world
On my 20th birthday I staged an improv birthday party for my friends. There was a lot of fun and everybody could see how strong is magic a...
Day 75
last weeks weren't good for me - I felt lonely and some way depressed so today I deicded to change something in my life I think I can't explai...
Day 55
after work I went to the improv course and there happened a lot in my relationship with one of participants, I feel really stressed but I call...
Day 178
scoop of learning
got up late, spent whole day on learning and misunderstanding with my mom, I was tired and angry but now it's a bit better :p tomorr...
Day 201
it's the 200th pic on my Tookapic profile :o I don't feel so amazed as I did when (I'm bit stressed and busy l...
Day 366
just a day like any other ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
just a day like any other ¯\(ツ)/¯ hmmm what to write here... I feel really proud of myself, it got past really fast but also was difficult sometimes...
Day 17
she doesn't like to have a shower
today Kluska had a shower - not pleasurable but necessary :p I also set all my past photo in right and did some work...
Day 30
wet bad day :(
I feel needless and lonely today :( but it's okay to feel like this sometimes :(
Day 120
cleaning day
really didn't have time for pics today - was cleaning my house the whole day :p so looked around and just took the first #streakpic that...
Day 129
this day was facile but also somehow meaningful - I felt unable to do anything but figured out why and how to change it I continued learning...
Day 2
New family member
Three days ago in my house appeared a new resident - cute little kitten ^^ Today we were trying to make up the name for her but with...
Day 21
Kluska likes reading
not a great day but was okay, I'm trying to implement new productivity system, but procratination doesn't want to help :p
Day 25
passing time
Kluska is ill :( today I was learning and working on my magic show, thank you @netkaa1 for your todays photo, it will improve my producti...
Day 29
what is going on???
staring at yesterdays photo in horror
Day 97
ate kiwi with skin
today I made some fresh kiwi-mandarin-apple juice and tried to eat a kiwi with skin - inspired by @jullisel's
Day 109
6:30 vs 16:30
well, you may say that I broke the 365 Project rules because one half of this photo wasn't taken today but... it's not true :D in fact a...
Day 131
need to go out and travel the world!!!
taken without looking, just by chance - love it! Kluska loves it too :D had a great day with learning english,...
Day 136
learned to ride a unicycle in 9 days :D
so today I crossed an about 20 meters driveway at once... and then repeated it 20 times :D it doesn't mean tha...
Day 197
why are u photographing me man? O.o
today I went to a strike of angered, we were protesting against government and the president, just a day before th...
Day 398
bokeh tree
taken 1m 57s after yesterday's midnight, inspired by @owcafoto's :D I haven't done things I had planned...