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Artist, magician, improvisator, life enthusiast. Studying cognitive science. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me, trying to capture important moments in my life
#2 275/365
2 streak
Day 1
hello world
On my 20th birthday I staged an improv birthday party for my friends. There was a lot of fun and everybody could see how strong is magic a...
Day 2
New family member
Three days ago in my house appeared a new resident - cute little kitten ^^ Today we were trying to make up the name for her but with...
Day 3
Bit creepy
This day was like this photo - not ideal but different than previous days. I tried to get to developing my learning habits again after two...
Day 4
Today I woke up at 7:30, took a few photos of the sunrise and then went to bed for just 30 min. Woke up again after 3,5 h :( For few days it's...
Day 5
reversed Piłsudski Bridge
First day of waking up at 7. Feel better. At work (I ride a bike as delivery man) I took a lot of photos and exper...
Day 6
still nameless
Second day of waking up at 7. Yesterday went to bed late but survived :D This day was nice and productive but the little kitten still d...
Day 7
met an angel
Third day of waking up at 7. Did not much but did much. Fun fact: My camera doesn't have manual mode so to get the bokeh effect I had to...
Day 8
Fourth day of waking up at seven. Productive but little meh. Little kitten is happy - we came up with the name for her: Kluska :) #theme-bokehl...
Day 9
christmas is coming :)
standing in long queues all day :p
Day 10
christmas ball
cleaning and decorating home all day... but was funny :D
Day 11
christmas tree
and making cookies all day long :3 #theme-jingle-bells.
Day 12
caught red-handed
Day 13
just the ceiling
Day 14
Day 15
bit complicated
Day 16
working 101
meh but okay today first snow has fallen :)
Day 17
she doesn't like to have a shower
today Kluska had a shower - not pleasurable but necessary :p I also set all my past photo in right and did some work...
Day 18
one day left
since 23.09 I practise diction half an hour everyday, tomorrow it will be the 100th day of streak :D tomorrow I want to upload a photo of...
Day 19
long time not seen
I spent New Year's Eve with my best friend Janek putting together the LEGO model of Apollo 11 which he gave me for birthday and hav...
Day 20
all day long
today I was working as food delivery for 11 hours because of 200% pay rate on New Year's Day I had to change my bike two times today beca...
Day 21
Kluska likes reading
not a great day but was okay, I'm trying to implement new productivity system, but procratination doesn't want to help :p
Day 22
yawning Kluska
ok, let's turn Tookapic into website with phtotos of funny cats ;) good day, lot of procrastination but also some quality learning time...
Day 23
little bit rainly
spent whole day at work but it was a good day :) at evening attended first in this year improv event about new year's resolutions th...
Day 24
lazy day
today I woke up at 10, didn't realize anything of my plans and procrastinated all day but also I did some flash cards :)