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Artist, magician, improvisator, life enthusiast. Studying cognitive science. I just upload photos that my heart prompts me, trying to capture important moments in my life
#2 275/365
2 streak
Day 1
hello world
On my 20th birthday I staged an improv birthday party for my friends. There was a lot of fun and everybody could see how strong is magic a...
Day 109
6:30 vs 16:30
well, you may say that I broke the 365 Project rules because one half of this photo wasn't taken today but... it's not true :D in fact a...
Day 125
everyone can be a superhero :)
so I was thinking about donating blood for two weeks but was hesitant; yesterday I saw a
Day 100
so today I celebrate my 100th photo :D can't belive it passed so quickly :o just want to say big thank you @pawelkadysz for all work you put into...
Day 177
Improstal live!
today morning I was learning intensively and afternoon we had the first real Improstal rehearsal after long coronavirus break - there...
Day 192
Asia's birthday :D
so today morning I was baking some cookies for Asia and then went to her birthday party - right after I came it started to rain as...
Day 111
just want to show you something
#dontnapchallenge #another-good-day #theme-wtf
Day 176
got a haircut
so today I almost wasn't learning, did very little but at evening finally went to the hairdresser :o there was really rainly but somehow...
Day 120
cleaning day
really didn't have time for pics today - was cleaning my house the whole day :p so looked around and just took the first #streakpic that...
Day 114
I can see you!
Inspired by @miwsher's today I made this and some cookies with my mom earlier I woke up at 4:30 a.m....
Day 103
the artist's way
so today I started a new great adventure - 12 weeks journey with these wonderful people and a book "The artist's way" by Julia Camero...
Day 110
the artist's way #2
so today I received a delivery with this wonderful book - just in time because today we had the second meeting online :D earlier h...
Day 366
just a day like any other ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
just a day like any other ¯\(ツ)/¯ hmmm what to write here... I feel really proud of myself, it got past really fast but also was difficult sometimes...
Day 113
drawing with enhap
today I called my friend that is a record producer and he send me his new production, finally I spent two hours listening to his lo...
Day 95
improstal online
yeah, it would look better if I did a printscreen but I wanted to take it using my camera ;) improstal training, first time online :D...
Day 213
lazy artist's way
yesterday Ania surprised us giving us our portraits drawn by herself :o they are relly impressive :D woke up around 9 a.m., other ar...
Day 262
forgotten to take a pic today
today I did lots of stuff - catching up with Tookapic, some Improstal stuff, printing and filling recruitment docs, etc....
Day 365
finally I wrote and sent a Christmas card for Michael Vincent, a British magician who inspired me to start a 365 project ^^ went to work at ev...
Day 31
today I was collecting money for WOŚP with Weronika - we both hadn't had any companion so we've met and then we had :D I raised 991,41 zł a...
Day 90
new lodge
went to Cracow but when I came got to know that all my activities were cancelled because of the coronavirus - so I lost 5 hours just to eat...
Day 162
I have a pen, I have an apple
Uh! Pineapple pen! apart from that I juiced (nomen omen) a pineapple, a pomegranate, some peaches and grapes and it was...
Day 385
bye bye
I received my prints today :D spent 4 hours at work and tried mayonnaise ice cream, it was really strange :o I published my year summary, it w...
Day 101
inspired by @polawalczynskaa ( and Harry Potter movies I watched last days it was a really difficult choice...
Day 104
is it magic? :o
inspired by @wbrewpozorom and her - I tried to do it better, did it much worse but I tried :D today...