I'm a musician who likes taking photographs. I'm a much better musician than I am a photographer. But... I'm trying... and that's gotta be worth something right?

Year #2 Progress
Day 367
New year, new challenge
New year, new challenge New year, new challenge. Not only for myself, but also for my little'un. After impressing us (mum and dad), with consistently...
Day 366
Fun and Games Part 2
Fun and Games Part 2 As this most melancholy of years draws to an end we decided to spend the big evening at home with the kids (Their request... to b...
Chris finished 365 project #1!
Day 365
Fun and games
Fun and games ... or flying fingers of fury. We are steadily getting through all the games and gadgets and gizmos from Christmas, and one of the kids...
Day 364
Control #thursday #night #remote #video #games #december #tv #control #console #controllers
Day 363
The day after the day after the day after
The day after the day after the day after The Christmas wind down is well under way, and today the fight back against the overload of the recent day's...
Day 362
Night Night Princess
Night Night Princess This film, its characters, storyline and mythos entered my life when I was but seven years old. And since then it's been a gentle...
Day 361
Extended The Grand Tour de Christmas continued today with a trip out to visit some of the extended family - brother & sister in law, cousins in law an...
Day 360
Stuffed So there we are. Another Christmas, Christmased. We did the 'get up early with 2 excited kids' thing. We exchanged, received, unwrapped and op...
Day 359
All set
All set Everything is wrapped. The scene is set. The kids are in bed (excited and trying to get to sleep), and Santa is on his way. We thought this ye...
Day 358
'Appy Birfday Mrs. G / SuperMum
'Appy Birfday Mrs. G / SuperMum Today marked another full trip around the sun for Mrs G, so the littlest and I were up with the larks making a special...
Day 357
Better late than never
Better late than never Some many moons ago (Like 10 years or so), while having a carpet fitted, I laid a bunch of audio, video and speaker cables unde...
Day 356
Too many people
Too many people Took the kids out to do a last little bit of xmas shopping to our local huge shopping centre at MerryHill - affectionately known aroun...
Day 355
Out with the old...
Out with the old... ...and in with the new. As a side-effect of the wintery spring cleaning of yesterday, we decided to let the kids, (and me), have o...
Day 354
Trinkets Spring cleaning has come a little late this year. But come it has, and Mrs G is 'on one'. And part of the cleanup/clearout has been to comple...
Day 353
Breeze revisited
Breeze revisited The first day of the GTDC (Grand Tour de Christmas) started with a stop at the brother and sister in law's house for food, drinks and...
Day 352
Finishing touches
Finishing touches Mrs G is busy putting the finishing touches to some of our xmas prezzies to the family. She always comes up with great ideas for gif...
Day 351
And breathe...
And breathe... It's official. The kids have broken up from school. Mrs G has broken up from school. It's the earliest I can recall an official xmas ho...
Day 350
Last (stick) man standing
Last (stick) man standing My favourite little theatre group's xmas show is all done. Everything went great, the audience loved it... and we all had po...
Day 349
Showtime Showtime! It's that magical time of the year when the kids all pile into the nearest church and do that 'nativity' thang. So this morning, th...
Day 348
Worm in a spot of trouble
Worm in a spot of trouble Oh-oh... The dog seems to have picked something up. C #evening #dog #toy #tuesday #animal #black #december #pet #labrador #m...
Day 347
Still standing
Still standing The wine is out, and the tree is still standing! This means only one thing. Wine and pretty lights photo! Haters gonna hate... don't wo...
Day 346
The tree is up!
The tree is up! The tree is up... and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It would have been up earlier, but with 2 cats who did their best t...
Day 345
Bird is the word
Bird is the word Well don't you know about the bird? Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word. Papa ooma mow mow, papa ooma mow mow. C #afterno...
Day 344
Big cousin / Little cousin
Big cousin / Little cousin Mrs G, the kids and I were out tonight for a spot of babysitting while my brother and his respective Mrs G were out on thei...