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Chris Groucutt

I'm a musician who likes taking photographs. I'm a much better musician than I am a photographer. But... I'm trying... and that's gotta be worth something right?
#2 2/365
367 streak
Day 19
Hurrah! After many attempts at getting a decent moon shot, I actually managed a halfway acceptable one today! This was actually taken in broad da...
Day 157
The lad finished his birthday weekend with a trip out to the local skatepark with his cousins for some scootery fun. There's always lots of a...
Day 286
Road Trip
Out for the day with Brother Rob, continuing work on some (unpleasant) family business. Not an entirely productive day, but these things hav...
Day 361
The Grand Tour de Christmas continued today with a trip out to visit some of the extended family - brother & sister in law, cousins in law an...
Day 105
Do you feel lucky?
So the little one was given some seeds at 'Brownies'. They were potted and duly watered and voila! Two weeks later look what we got...
Day 243
La Mer (Part 2)
Whilst yesterday was all about getting here, today is all about being here. We hit the beach just after noon, and stayed til the sun w...
Day 367
New year, new challenge
New year, new challenge. Not only for myself, but also for my little'un. After impressing us (mum and dad), with consistently...
Day 47
My God, it's full of stars!
Bedtime reading with the little'un has provided some last minute inspiration for a photo again tonight. I spotted this lit...
Day 155
Pear Cider Day
Every year I have a particular day, when all the elements collide and everything is 'just so', which I have coined 'Pear Cider Day'. Th...
Day 300
Out with family and friends today to our local huge theme park, where they were holding a special halloween themed event alongside their usual...
Day 336
Been out of sorts all day. Think I need a tune up. C #thursday #night #guitar #dog #black #metal #day #weird #december #tune #theme-three-kind...
Day 52
My local area is extremely famous for its glassmaking heritage, and but a minute's walk from my house is a wonderful working glass factory and m...
Day 69
I had been looking to do a picture today in tribute to Sir George Martin, whom we lost yesterday, another legend claimed by this incredibly sad...
Day 254
Looking out
Looking out Circumstances have brought me back to the sea, if only for a few hours, while sitting in on piano for a friend's coastal gig....
Day 271
Burning Sky
Opened the door this evening to see this absurdly stunning sunset. And it would appear that this phenomenon reached every corner of the UK...
Day 321
Straight Lines
A quick abstract for today... but if you want a narrative, I could tell you that these straight lines represent the exact opposite of m...
Day 4
Sausage Field
Last day of holiday for the kids today. Went for a walk and found a sausage field. That's right. A field of sausages. On sticks. So if y...
Day 164
Cat in a box
Mrs G and I went for our first sailing lesson today. Good fun and good learning was had, but due to zero wind we didn't actually get out...
Day 293
20 days without a cat pic. So here's one of Coco playing peekaboo on my chair. Well, mine when she allows me to use it. Sometimes I get the...
Day 311
Sea creature with big eyes
Because there is a law in the UK that at this time of year you have to go outside and play with sparklers, that's exactly w...
Day 41
There was a bit of sun and blue sky out today. Hurrah! So, after the school pickup, I had an idea I might pick up on some nice canal reflection...
Day 301
Bricks Galore
Spent a rather splendid afternoon at a Lego convention with the eldest indulging him in one of his hobbies. Absolutely loads going on th...
Day 348
Worm in a spot of trouble
Oh-oh... The dog seems to have picked something up. C #evening #dog #toy #tuesday #animal #black #december #pet #labrador #m...
Day 150
Times of old
Had an absolutely splendid day out in Ironbridge where they were holding a WW2 event. There were several re-enactments on through the day...