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Chris Groucutt

I'm a musician who likes taking photographs. I'm a much better musician than I am a photographer. But... I'm trying... and that's gotta be worth something right?
#2 2/365
367 streak
Day 1
New year, new start...
So here I am, a new day, the start of a new year, and the start of a new photo journal. I'm here on the back of having just fin...
Day 2
Popped out for dinner at the Mother-In-Law's today, and took the opportunity to have a bit of fun with the vintage Zeiss Flektagon lens and thi...
Day 3
In Flight
The first birthday bash of the year! One of the little'un's cousins had their birthday party at the local skate park today, and you just can...
Day 4
Sausage Field
Last day of holiday for the kids today. Went for a walk and found a sausage field. That's right. A field of sausages. On sticks. So if y...
Day 5
The lights go down...
Twelfth night is here, so down goes the tree. And down go the lights, the baubles, and the tinsel, all safely packed away for an...
Day 6
Best. Topic. Ever.
Littlest one came bouncing out of school today and announced this term's topic - Chocolate! Which perfectly collided with a video I...
Day 7
Dad Calling
A thoroughly modern milestone. For Christmas we promised the eldest one a phone that he can use to contact us, and we, him. We figured the...
Day 8
Had fully intended to take a totally different bedtime picture this evening, but in the process of setting up the shot, Charlie came and sto...
Day 9
Hitting Ten
The nephew who had his birthday bash last week at the skatepark, actually had his birthday proper today. He's hit ten, officially into dou...
Day 10
The Great A'Tuin rides again
Me and the littlest one (Or is that the littlest one and I?) have embarked upon a new 'big book' for bedtimes. We had a f...
Day 11
Goodnight Starman
I awoke this morning to news of David Bowie's passing, and have struggled with the absurdity of the notion all day. I'd been praisin...
Day 12
A Wii bit of fun
The passing of The Starman yesterday has continued to leave it's dark mark on much of today, and despite working in the studio most o...
Day 13
Live forever
Firmly installed back in the studio, with much to do, but found myself relearning a few Bowie songs today. Forgot how much fun they are t...
Day 14
Hidden Treasure
Nearly three weeks after Christmas and today we discovered a hidden present. Felt a bit like Indiana Jones. Then I was told apparently...
Day 15
Saw something on t'internets, as you do, and now the family is researching sequins. As you do. And I figured I'd get out the little macro fi...
Day 16
Birthday, Curry, Drink!
A rare night off, out for birthday drinks with good friends. The birthday in question belonged to another photographer, so we...
Day 17
Marilyn Monroe
Had a nice little trip out to see friends in Ironbridge today, intending to do a little photography walk along the way. Turns out the w...
Day 18
Branching out
A traditionally cold day, for the traditionally coldest month of the year. In the northern hemisphere at least. (Wikipedia told me that...
Day 19
Hurrah! After many attempts at getting a decent moon shot, I actually managed a halfway acceptable one today! This was actually taken in broad da...
Day 20
Ethereal Cat
I promised myself I would be a bit freer with some creative filters on the pics this year, and I guess this is one of them. I think if th...
Day 21
A quick pic today, purely to bring a little colour back after a week of monochrome pictures. My cube is probably the most colourful thing I...
Day 22
Potato #1
Inspired by the news today that a photo of a potato sold for over a million quid, (see here -
Day 23
Don't mind if I do
Bit of a strange day all around. But later on Mrs G invited me out for a cup of tea and a chocolate brownie. Can't say no to that....
Day 24
Day out
Had a trip out to Birmingham today, and dropped into the Sealife Centre to get our new annual passes, which means last year's 'Year of the Rol...