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Chris Groucutt

I'm a musician who likes taking photographs. I'm a much better musician than I am a photographer. But... I'm trying... and that's gotta be worth something right?
#2 2/365
367 streak
Day 126
Woke up to a power cut this morning, it was kind of wonderful... all quiet and peaceful. Had to boil a saucepan of water for the morning cuppa. L...
Day 221
Sunset Skies
Took in a late evening stroll in Sutton Park with Mrs G while the littlest was rehearsing in a new play. The sun came down beautifully, l...
Day 113
The eldest one has been doing really well at school, both in achievements and attendance. So we rewarded him with a ukelele. Surprisingly good fun...
Day 184
The perks of the perc
Mrs. G bought/won a coffee percolator today, and we've just cracked it open and cranked it up for a cup 'o fresh coffee. Althoug...
Day 207
Game, Set and Match
Had my final lesson of the tennis refresher course I was on tonight. Although it's fair to say I didn't feel refreshed after it......
Day 202
Gotta catch 'em all
First day of the holibobs for the eldest, and for the most part we had a nice chilled day, chilling, in decidedly hot and not chil...
Day 314
The Big Gamble
Went out to play in a poker game tonight. The first live game I've played in nearly a year. All good fun, and inevitably included lots...
Day 231
Butter wouldn't melt
Had a splendid day over with friends in Ironbridge, catching up and letting their little ones get up to mischief and mayhem with...
Day 106
Tickling the ivories
Practicing day today. Supposed to have been singing, but have had the mother of all cricks in my neck so have spent some not insi...
Day 333
Kick it up
Because when there are autumn leaves on the ground, what else is there to do? C #autumn #afternoon #leaves #monday #brown #november #legs #...
Day 189
More of the same...
Practice, practice, practice. That's the key. Always. Practise until your fingers bleed. Or as my Dad would have said... practise...
Day 183
Never Forget
At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. C #nature #friday #evening #landscape #red #poppy #war #100 #remem...
Day 141
Mr. Fox
Well hello there, little fella. We've had a family of foxes living around our back garden for years. They're very polite and a few of them oft...
Day 59
After yesterday's bookworm pic, it only seemed to right to follow it up with a filmworm pic today, seeing as it's traditional to have Cinema...
Day 105
Do you feel lucky?
So the little one was given some seeds at 'Brownies'. They were potted and duly watered and voila! Two weeks later look what we got...
Day 103
I spied a spider
...Or messing about with macros. The littlest one asked if I could take a picture right inside a flower showing all the workings etc....
Day 243
La Mer (Part 2)
Whilst yesterday was all about getting here, today is all about being here. We hit the beach just after noon, and stayed til the sun w...
Day 367
New year, new challenge
New year, new challenge. Not only for myself, but also for my little'un. After impressing us (mum and dad), with consistently...
Day 242
La Mer
After a daft-o-clock start we arrived safely at our destination bright and early with the sun barely awakened. Listened to Abbey Road as the su...
Day 280
This little photo is partly due to my final and reluctant acceptance that summer is done. The leaves are either brown, or turning, and that 'a...
Day 224
Ship Ahoy!
I've been working with a theatre school all week, helping out with technicals, sound and lights on their production of Treasure Island. Tod...
Day 356
Too many people
Took the kids out to do a last little bit of xmas shopping to our local huge shopping centre at MerryHill - affectionately known aroun...
Day 229
Bonsoir Monsieur Merlot
There was a time, (not too long ago) when I lived on red wine, imbibing far too much than was good for me (or anyone else prob...
Day 349
Showtime! It's that magical time of the year when the kids all pile into the nearest church and do that 'nativity' thang. So this morning, th...