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Reading Now

I've been reading a lot lately. I mean, a lot! Here's a gallery of books I already read.

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Day 2,028
#reading on my #yellow #armchair. #iseefaces. Anyone else? #theme-technology
Day 1,373
Another book I'm reading now. Almost done with this one. Quite a few nice tips & instructions on how to get more done in a day. #thursday #eve...
Day 1,928
Smart notes
Finishing this one. It's not what I expected, but still a very good book. Definitely worth reading. It's more about learning in general th...
Day 1,395
New book I've been reading. Not what I expected. Focused rather on brick and mortar businesses. Maybe a few points worth noting. Other than that....
Day 1,920
Smart Notes
I read 56 books in 2019, but I felt like I don't retain knowledge and information well enough, so I'm starting 2020 with "How to take smar...
Day 1,412
And so here's another one I'm reading now. Almost finishing this one. #afternoon #monday #people #man #business #august #no-person #essen...
Day 1,369
Always be learning
Got 4 new books from Amazon. New, exciting stuff to learn. Better late than never. Funny thing - they came from Swiss Amazon while...
Day 1,968
Not perfect
So I woke up still with some fever but feeling much better. I spent some time with the family and decided I feel well enough to catch up w...
Day 2,049
Just finished this nice little book about how to live longer by staying active and sticking to your values. Huge part of the book is about prod...
Day 1,386
Deep Work
My July goal is to rethink the way I work. "Deep Work" by Cal Newport is probably the last book I will manage to read this month. I also got...
Day 1,433
New Book
"5AM Miracle" by Jeff Sanders completely changed how I start my day. So after 5 months I decided to get his second book - "Free Time Formula"...
Day 1,343
By the time I uploaded this pic, I've already finished the book. It's "Actionable Gamification" by Yu-kai. Great read. #evening #tuesday...
Day 1,491
The final straight on launching the new Tookapic. Working on the landing pages, and a lot of legal stuff. The worst and most boring part of t...
Day 1,561
Daily Rituals
#nowreading #masoncurrey Daily Rituals. Turns out that the secret to being a great artist is to drink at least few bottles of wine and t...
Day 1,868
Give and Take
Finally got to start my first Adam Grant's book. After first 50 pages I think his books are similar to Malcolm Gladwell's. What I mean b...
Day 1,952
I have a problem
Step one. Admitting, I have a serious problem. I've been struggling with this for a while. Especially last couple of months. I've bee...
Day 1,563
Afternoon coffee
Finishing the #book while having #afternoon #coffee break in the homeoffice. Very productive week I had. Looks like I deserved a week...
Day 1,936
Made to stick
I absolutely love books by Dan & Chip Heath. This one is yet another great one. #readingnow. I recently finished a big project so I have...
Day 2,063
Ego is the enemy
Re-reading this one. Good reminder that we're not really that special. #readingnow
Day 1,510
I'm going to recommend this book more and more, I guess. Probably in my top 5 this year. #night #monday #book #november #readingnow #atomichab...
Day 1,449
I like listening to Seth Godin. Earlier this year I read his book "Tribes" and liked it. So now I decided to read another one: "We are all weird...
Day 1,489
Next in line is a book by Jake Knapp. I recently read his "Make Time" book, which for someone who never read anything is a great set of tips fo...
Day 1,507
Book number 34 this year. And this should've probably the №1. I've been pretty good at developing habits. 365 project, waking up at 5:30am, daily...
Day 1,933
Slowing down
The original title is "It doesn't have to be crazy at work". Good book. I needed to read it. I respect the authors for what they did with...