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One day at a time...
#9 273/365
3,193 streak
Day 3,169
Working for home 😉
Day 3,168
Winding path
Up to Le Grand Chamossaire, 2112m
Day 3,167
Les Dents du Midi
Hiking in Villars for the weekend
Day 3,166
Going to miss having you at home …
Day 3,165
The circus is back in town
Day 3,164
Working from home, always nice to take a break and fire up a camera :)
Day 3,163
Finishing off a roll of film in the Minox before getting it developed and scanned
Day 3,162
Eva and Pamplemousse
Matching colors 😊
Day 3,161
Of weather, after so much heat, we get this
Day 3,160
At the Hermitage museum discovering Édouard Vuillard
Day 3,159
Small steps
Found this staircase I hadn’t seen for quite a while
Day 3,158
Room with a view
A rather good day at work
Day 3,157
Off to lunch
With Oscar at the wheel
Day 3,156
4 years later
4 years ago today Oscar started his apprenticeship:, Today he is finishing it, a qualified software d...
Day 3,155
Well not quite 85 degrees, but feels it!
Day 3,154
Traversée de la rade
My favorite “race” in Geneva, from one side of the lake to the other. Gorgeous weather and 25 degree warm water!
Day 3,153
Allalinhorn 4027m
What a climb, what a view! Very happy how well it went and how strong I felt all the way up 😎
Day 3,152
Egginer 3367m and Mittaghorn 3143m
With the Allalinhorn 4027m to their left, tomorrow’s climb 😎
Day 3,151
Here for a few days 😄
Day 3,150
Matterhorn 6h31
Set my alarm at 6am to watch the sun creep down from the summit to the base
Day 3,149
Matterhorn 4478m
The iconic mountIn with its little cloud hugging the summit
Day 3,148
Weisshorn 4506m
A few days in the mountains 😀
Day 3,147
With Oscar to Cuvaloup de Crans
Day 3,146
Happy with how just one light can work so well