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One day at a time...
#9 273/365
3,193 streak
Day 3,193
I'd rather be skiing
But at least I’m out of the bedroom and feeling much stronger. Thank you all for your kind wishes the last few days.
Day 3,192
Room with a view again
Another day in bed
Day 3,191
Room with a view
Another day in bed
Day 3,190
Room with a view
In bed all day
Day 3,189
Two lines
Urgh, Covid is back
Day 3,188
Early morning coffee
Working on a new project
Day 3,187
Third visit
Day 3,186
Tragédie - Comédie
To cry or to laugh. Or both.
Day 3,185
Dinner at my favorite restaurant ♥️
Day 3,184
Eva and Oscar
Bumped into the kids on my lunchtime break in town. Amazing coincidence! And this the last frame of a film I was taking in to be develop...
Day 3,183
Joël in the studio
Being interviewed for a podcast 😊
Day 3,182
Early morning swim
It’s been a good few days
Day 3,181
La piscine
At the villa
Day 3,180
More taking it easy
Lovely to swim in the sea
Day 3,179
Taking it easy
St-Tropez for a few days 😎
Day 3,178
Arles Day 3
Visiting the extraordinary Lee Ufan museum
Day 3,177
Arles Day 2
Gorgeous staircase in the stunning Frank Gehry tower at the Luma Foundation. And one more pic for my spiral staircase collection 😊 #theme-...
Day 3,176
Arles Day 1
Excited to be here! This in the building exhibiting Saul Leiter.
Day 3,175
Will miss you two
It’s been almost two years since Pamplemousse and Neptune came into my life: and https://tookapic...
Day 3,174
Going to miss you too
Day 3,173
Going to miss you
Day 3,172
Friend and photographer, preparing a podcast episode we’re doing together.
Day 3,171
My team – Federico, Léon. Gaultier and Valerie – developing a very cool photo website :)
Day 3,170
Window with a view
Off to Zurich for work