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One day at a time...
#9 273/365
3,193 streak
Day 2,920
8 x 365
Eight down, two to go 😀 Thanks everyone here for your support. And special thanks to @jarekb for making this still possible.
Day 2,919
Val de Bagnes
Heading back down
Day 2,918
Not the mountains
Not a good day #headache
Day 2,917
Day 3
Great day in Verbier with Oscar and Max. This pic on the famously steep Tortin run
Day 2,916
Christmas lunch
With the kids ♥️
Day 2,915
Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noël …
Day 2,914
Christmas shopping
In Geneva
Day 2,913
At home
With Pamplemousse
Day 2,912
Off home
After nice lunch with Alexis
Day 2,911
Happy to have a 40x50 family portait ready to be delivered
Day 2,910
There are days like that
Day 2,909
The tree again
Blue sky and frost today #theme-snow
Day 2,908
The tree
Back home after two outdoor photo shoots
Day 2,907
Afternoon working in the studio
Day 2,906
12th floor
Last meeting of the year 😊
Day 2,905
Another staircase
Shopping again
Day 2,904
United Nations library
Amazingly there are ten floors just like this with archives going back a hundred years
Day 2,903
Quick pic shopping at the Migros
Day 2,902
Laughter and fun in the studio
Day 2,901
Light table
Photographing 4x5 negatives
Day 2,900
Winter is here
And crazy busy day
Day 2,899
Lunch with Oscar
Always special
Day 2,898
Chez Slatkine
Great evening discovering Pollock and Krasner’s art works and life
Day 2,897
Work in Geneva