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Extraordinary striving for being ordinary. Nothing alluring is being posted here, just my everyday life i.e. drugs, sex and rock'n'roll.
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Day 10
how to come to terms with something, what is not simply 'comingable'
It is something unusual about this photo, but none of the words are able to expre...
Day 9
Wishing you the best.
Before we all sit at the table, as you are still somewhat present here, let me wish you all the best. This year's wishes are goi...
Day 8
because of u
This Christmas doesn't look like any other I would spend before. By occupating my mind with preparations for Christmas I am also desperat...
Day 7
It is always a great idea to take a selfie in one of the Christmas tree decorations. Even if it is at the end of the world - I mean - in...
Day 6
Lost duel with a bed. 
This is a day, which is sort of hard to describe. I haven't done anything so far, I've been only procrastinating for 9 hours. I...
Day 5
When your days are kinda shitty, the best way of getting through them is to treat yourself right. That is why I've made up my mind and gone...
Day 4
Free from neatness.
What I want to announce you, all gathered here, is that this site functions for me, not as a place for perfection. We seek perfect...
Day 3
What are birds singing about?
Firstly, I'm totally sorry for such a poor quality of this photo, but the lights were dimmed there, so as to impart the...
Day 2
Murmuring a sorrowful dirge. 
Today is a kinda greyish day, no fireworks are to be seen at all. I've just spent few hours buried in books. I love my s...
Day 1
To be a star or not to be? 
This is a story about a man suffering from the eternal flu. I'm kidding, I'm just slowly dying in pain, hamstrung by my pa...