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My Confetti Moon Great angle! Beautiful detail :))

Michael Gatton Cool perspective, satoshi! This building would fit right in down on Wall Street :-) As for CC, I always have a problem with that first column when shooting this kind of pattern - there's too much separation from the other ones (the four that group together in this image). I don't really know the solution except perhaps a longer focal length and bypass the first one altogether, maybe? That, of course may introduce other challenges with composition.

Satoshi T What I do in order to mitigate this phenomenon is, 1) enter into between the 1st column, I would drive out the first pillar from the screen -there are things the same form and if the spacing is different , human beings feel the sense of discomfort- , 2)leave away from the object 3)same as Michael ,use a telephoto lens.
...When the pursuit of this problem ,it is likely to end up on the issue of recognition and optical :) Thank you Michael.

Chris Breitigan Another great picture Satoshi! The way that the top of the building lines the right side is perfect

bvphotosnap Love the different lines,textures and perspective you've captured here Satoshi!

craig Love the angle!

Rohini What a beautiful building and you have captured it perfectly . Lovely perspective.

Satoshi T Thank you @Rohini!

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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