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Hanna Gawrychowska great
like photo with lens "lensbaby"

Satoshi T Yeah, It's very large ... JUST "lensdaddy"

My Confetti Moon Very nice effect! It's great that you share your experiments & details :)) thx!

120mr Yes! It's so great :)

Satoshi T Thank you @My Confetti Moon, @120mr and Eva!

bvphotosnap This is indeed a very interesting image!

Satoshi T Thanks!

Tomasz Dolata I like your experiments and descriptions :) act like a teacher :)

Satoshi T I'm glad you like my experiments :)

craig Great to see this! A nice effect!

Satoshi T Thank you Craig. I like experiments.

Chris Breitigan Very interesting experiment! I think it turned out well

Satoshi T I'm glad to hear it. Thank you @Chris !

vera Interesting! Thanks for sharing your idea! :-)

Satoshi T You are welcome @vera . Not hesitate to point out you were bored my technical story :)

vera No I'm not bored! I really admire your technical creativity... And it makes me learn! I sincerly thank you to share your expermiment and would never imagine we can make a diagonal focus before to see your technical story ! :-)

Satoshi T In your words, I was encouraged. Thank you @vera !

jokele Interessting effect.

Satoshi T Thank you @jokele !

Gabriela Jaworowska Ulubieniec coś smutny.

Satoshi T Tak to wygląda trochę smutnej sceny. Ale w rzeczywistości, jest to eksperyment optyczny do - regularnego Scheimpfluga -. Dziękuję @Gabriela .

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