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Tomasz Dolata beautiful :)sailing ships always look majestic!!!

Satoshi T This ship was anchored when I went, I was very lucky! Thank you @Tomasz !

bvphotosnap Beautiful background sunset!! Love all the lines from the cityscape to the sails! Great image @Satoshi !! :)

Satoshi T Initially, I used a telephoto lens but I want to emphasize the rope of the sails and to small background cityscape, so I changed to the wide-angle lens. Thank you @bvphotosnap and @vera .

Satoshi T Thank you @Hanna !

My Confetti Moon Very Nice! That sunset sky makes a beautiful backdrop to the strong silhouette shapes :)

Satoshi T After I've began to the Tookapic, I have learned to use a large sky. Thank you @My Confetti Moon!

120mr Majestic.

Satoshi T Thank you @120mr !

Roman Czarny Excellent very artistic photography - sailing ship silhouette accentuated fantastic colors of the sky - perfect picture

Satoshi T This time, I think the sky and the subject was that did a maximum of effect on me. I want to become able to create the artistic photos on my own hand. Thank you @Roman for your kind words!

egzist You know I like landscapes, sky and water so this is great photo for me. I really like it! The ship is similar to our in Gdynia. I would like to see more views like this from you.

tania I thought it was yours ;)

egzist I thought it was mine for a while too ;)

tania Haha !

Satoshi T If there were no Tookapic, I didn't go to port. It is great experience. It is an honor to get the words from you of Gdynia, which is a port town. Thank you @egzist !

Satoshi T It is an honor you guess it is Egzist's pic :D

biquette So imposant and delicate at the same time... I love it it's beautiful

Satoshi T imposant and delicate! Thank you for your impressive words @biquette !

elenagutga I love it!!

Satoshi T Thank you @elenagutga and @Aaaa !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T It was a very short time this sky. Thank you @kimberly !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Is an honor for me you are reminded of the port of Hamburg. Thank you @denise !

Artur Łobocki I thought it's Gdynia ;) beautiful

Satoshi T I am glad to hear it! Thank you @Artur !

Grzegorz Wojtasik Waw. Amazing!

Satoshi T I am also always impressed in your sky photos. Thank you @Grzegorz !

Michael Gatton Wow, gorgeous shot!

Satoshi T In fact, After discussion about the "equally spaced pillars" with you, I had care that regular intervals. But this time I dare try to take a large left-hand side. Thank you @Michael !

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