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Michael Gatton Smooth creamy light on those metallic pieces, nice!

Satoshi T This time which I most took care is smooth reflection on the reels. Thank you @Michael !

My Confetti Moon Eyecatching! Plus a wonderful composition lesson, thx!

Satoshi T You are welcome @My Confetti Moon! :)

jokele Perfect lighting and sharpness. Great!

Satoshi T This time I try to lit with 3 lights. For strong reflection, For background gradation and For reel surface. Thank you @jokele !

Luke Wow! Nice work. My favorite part is the analog output meters. It reminds me of the amp my parents used to have connected to their record player.

Satoshi T I also love Analog meters. This time meters are lighted with bulbs inside because it was power on. I love amp with meters too . Thank you @1monthfreetrial !

craig Nice composition!

Satoshi T This time I tried to cut one side. Thank you @craig !

Roman Czarny I love these outfits though he unfortunately did not have such a gem - great shot

Satoshi T They are comfortable large. really gem. Thank you @Roman !

tania Simple, beautiful blue and Nice compo...

Satoshi T This time I dedicate 1 light for only background and express "blue with transparant" so your favorite color. Thank you @tania !

bvphotosnap Beautiful clarity and composition @Satoshi :)

Satoshi T I associate this left bottom backlight from New moon. slight round light... Thank you @bvphotosnap !

Satoshi T Yeah! It's ØØ !

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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