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Margie Dramatic! Yellow! Round! Love the yellow round light too!Striking image and a wonderful train photo!

My Confetti Moon Thanks so very much @Margie Always appreciate your thoughts & insight :)

Cicérøn & Jamie D. Carrey høøøøø I like it !

Satoshi T Nice composition using round shapes!

Tomasz Dolata A great choice :) great shot!

My Confetti Moon Thanks very much :) @Tomasz

Magda Korzewska Would be perfect for me. I was looking for yellow train today. It is great pic :)

My Confetti Moon Thank you! @Magda wishing you a yellow train tomorrow :)

bvphotosnap A vibrant piece of machinery/history! Great find and well done!!

jokele My wife said, this is great. She's right!

My Confetti Moon So nice of both of you! I appreciate your kind comment & like @jokele Please share my thx with your wife :)

Comment was deleted

Roman Czarny Amazing pic

My Confetti Moon Thanks a lot! @Roman :)

elenagutga The color is great! I love the composition

My Confetti Moon Much appreciated :) @elenagutga thx!