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agnieszka bladzik size, how the inside looks, pockets? what fits inside :D

365 Shades of Calvados Does an iPad fit in?

Grace That looks like the bag I just bought? wish I was getting bags for review :P

tania You know how to talk to women... ;)

vera hahaha!

Joost van Halm Just reading this... @Grace oh no, that is the one you just got! Now you can check @Paweł review! Like this bag very much, looks a lot like an older model Domke used to make (forgot the model) and also a lot like the Lowepro pro messenger AW series. Good thing about the retrospective series is that they come in a lot of different sizes. Doesn't look as bad ass as an army bag though... Looking forward to reading your review!

Grace haha yes but I already have it now! so far its good

Joost van Halm Nice @Grace I hoped you would like it.

tigg From the interest this has created, perhaps 'camera bags' would make a good weekly theme! Certainly be interesting and eye opening. Many people could post a bag a day I'm sure!

Ian Prince For some reason I'm finding it really hard to gauge the size of the bag from the photo....not sure whether you have really big hands or whether you've shrunk your E-M5 ;)

Paweł Kadysz My hands are tiny. The angle is pretty wide. And the bag is pretty thick when laid flat. I think that's what makes the E-M5 look so small.

Kevin Drum Retrospective 5 in Pinestone. I think it might be too small to fit my A7ii with a Canon FD 80-200 f/4L, but I haven't tried it to be sure. On the other hand, I briefly owned a Retrospective 7, and it was too bulky for my tastes.

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