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Margie Such and appealing photo!!!

bvphotosnap Lovely foggy image! :)

Satoshi T I want to swim like him in hot Summer in Japan! Wonderful blue water you created @My Confetti Moon!

My Confetti Moon Thx @Satoshi the water color is from the blue pool liner showing up thru the clear water :)

Kateli I love your photo. It put an enormous smile on my face. Thank you !!

My Confetti Moon Your welcome @Kateli :) always enjoy your comments; thx!

Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka I love this frog!♡ And I smile all myself...

jokele Funny :)

Roman Czarny Perfect and beautiful shot - this not very pleasant after amphibian - In your picture looks so nice

Shawn I was thinking, wow, what a clean, blue pond! He looks happy

Michael Gatton A ribbiting photo :-)

My Confetti Moon Lol! 😉 Thx!

elenagutga I really like the colors and composition!

Tomasz Dolata great shot water,beautiful and delicate blue :)

My Confetti Moon Much appreciated! @Tomasz